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PICA Group privilege

Exclusive extras and customer offers

PICA Group is a unique network of industry specialist businesses with a strong locally-focused branch network. Using our partnerships and relationships across related industries, PICA Group privilege offers competitive discounts, exclusive deals, and resources for our PICA Group family.

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Save on short-term letting by-laws drafting
By-law drafting, discounted price from $200

Personally tailored and watertight by-laws are the key to minimising risk and to aid in the smooth running of a harmonious community. We are offering 50% discount on the non-customer price.

Save on food delivery by-law drafting
By-law drafting, discounted fixed fee of $650

An influx of food delivery services can raise concerns surrounding building security, and health and safety if not managed well.

Kemps Petersons Legal will provide a food delivery by-law for a discounted fixed fee of $650 plus GST and disbursements.

A defibrillator on your property can save lives
$300 gift card

Sudden cardiac arrest kills almost 30,000 Australians every year, and because you can’t know when it happens, we need defibrillators in all homes and building


Contents insurance
Excess waiver

Protect your personal belongings with CHU contents insurance.

If your property is insured with CommunitySure, the CHU contents insurance excess will be waived if you and the property make a valid claim on the same event.

*CHU contents insurance standard excess is $500. The value of your contents claim must exceed the amount of your excess.

Landlord insurance
Excess waiver

Protect your property against loss and damages while leasing to tenants.

If your property is insured with CommunitySure, the CHU landlord insurance excess will be waived if you and the property make a valid claim on the same event.

*CHU landlord insurance standard excess is $500. The value of your claim must exceed the amount of your excess.

Reduce the cost of your community living utility bills (NSW Only)

Find and lock in the market’s most competitive energy and utility rates for your strata property with help from our team of experts. Our CommunityUtilities team take the hassle out of finding the best in market rate.

Extra insurance cover at no additional cost

Having earned a reputation as the best insurance cover in the market, we have you covered.  Be safe with affordable and comprehensive cover for your common property that meets your requirements. Available exclusively to properties managed by PICA Group and backed by QBE and CHU, Australia’s largest strata insurer.


Community After Hours
24/7 emergency maintenance support services

Emergencies can happen at any time of the day. That’s why our staff are trained to manage maintenance calls 24/7, so you can get assistance when you need it. Our team can determine whether your issue is on common property or not, can offer a temporary solution, and arrange for a registered and fully insured contractor to fix your issue.


Support sustainability and open doors to potential savings

As industry leaders, we work closely with government and education institutions to share our expertise and resources to support sustainability and efficiencies to save owners corporations money. We also have our very own team of in-house NABERS for Apartment Buildings assessors and closed an Australian-first 100% green solar electricity deal.

Community Health and Safety

Community Health & Safety
Protect your property against claims for injury, incident, or hazards

We help you manage the day-to-day risks associated with the health and safety of people entering your strata property and report injuries, incidents, and hazards on your common property to fulfil your duty of care.


Access your strata information anytime, from anywhere

With CommunityHub there is no more waiting for office hours or returned phone calls to get information. You can access it all right now. From downloading agendas and minutes for your meetings to viewing your by-laws and levy balance, and making levy payments on the go, it’s all at your fingertips.


A comprehensive directory of professional service providers

Based on customer feedback and hands-on experience we have more than 2,500 listed contractors on CommunitySelect. All contractor certificates and insurances are thoroughly checked for competency, insurance and compliance for your peace of mind.

By-laws and legal services

By-laws and legal services
Legal expertise at an affordable price for strata managed properties (NSW Only)

We provide legal expertise at an affordable price for strata managed properties. We offer an affordable way for strata owners and committees to minimise risk with our by-law drafting, updating, registering, and consolidating service.

Strata debt recovery

Strata debt recovery
Australia’s leading debt recovery specialists (NSW Only)

Our debt recovery service delivered by Kemps Petersons is unrivalled. If your strata property is constantly struggling with unpaid levies, PICA Group’s debt recovery specialists, Kemps Petersons, have the skills and resources to recover your money quickly and cost-effectively.

Building condition report

Building condition report
Proactive property maintenance planning (NSW Only)

A building condition report is a comprehensive assessment of the common areas of a strata property. It identifies the general and overall condition of the building fabric, plant, equipment, fixtures, and fittings. This visual assessment includes photographs, a description of the areas identified, priority listings and recommendations. A detailed building condition report can help you identify maintenance works early, increase the lifespan of your building, save money, and protect its long-term value.

Contractor management

Contractor management
Qualified and compliant contractors for your property (NSW Only)

We understand the importance of appointing suitably qualified and compliant contractors for your property. That’s why as part of our continuous internal compliance review, we regularly introduce updated standards and new ways of working to ensure contractors adhere to the legislation and compliance requirements as part of the industry standards. This ensures adequate protection for your property and its owners and residents. After all, your property is more than just an investment, for many, it’s your home too.

Project coordination

Project coordination
Take the stress out of your building works (NSW Only)

No matter how straightforward or complex your building and maintenance projects, you can benefit from the assistance of a dedicated person to make sure everything stays on track and is executed to a high standard. Our dedicated, experienced project coordination team takes the hassle and stress out of maintaining, repairing, and renovating your building, helping deliver better value for your money.

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