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Supporting sustainability, increasing building value and opening doors to potential savings

Supporting sustainability

We have strategic partnerships to help achieve sustainability, assist in increasing building value, and potentially unlock savings.

Extend the Building Lifecycle

Reduce Environmental Impact

Potential Cost Savings

Australian-first 100% green solar electricity deal: PICA Group saves 64 strata buildings $681,000 in annual energy costs

We are thrilled that the NSW government will incentivise replacing coal-fired power plants with renewable energy. PICA Group has already been making significant strides towards a more sustainable future in the strata industry.

64 strata buildings managed by Dynamic Property Services have switched from coal-generated electricity plans to a green solar electricity plan, saving each building up to $60,000 annually and marking a significant reduction in their carbon footprint. This is just one of three exciting energy deals we secured, saving a total of 115 buildings more than $1 million in a year.

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Supporting sustainability articles

What is the strata industry’s role if Australia is set to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050?

Regardless of the political debate on this topic, the strata industry can play a role in creating positive change. This article explores how the strata industry can be part of creating positive change in our environment.

Five ways to boost sustainability for your strata property

Find out how you can make your building greener, potentially save money and enhance community living.

Six tips for living a sustainable lifestyle in strata settings

Tim Jarvis AM – environmental scientist and award-winning conservationist, shares some easy tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle in strata settings.

QLD: Tips for increasing sustainability in body corporate properties

Draw inspiration from the world’s largest green residential building to help increase sustainability in your body corporate property.

NSW: How supporting sustainable strata living can help save NSW owners corporations money

Not only could supporting sustainable strata living save you and your owners corporation money, but it may also contribute to a positive environmental impact.

3 sustainability programs that can help your strata community embrace sustainable living

As we enter an age where the planet’s longevity depends on our actions today, there is a growing need for strata communities to reduce our emissions and increase environmental sustainability.

Find out how to support sustainability

You can support sustainability and maximise savings on your utility bills and running costs for your strata property too. To find out more on CommunityGreen and related information, contact us using the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.