Community Health & Safety

Help protect your property against claims for injury, incident or hazards.

We help you manage the day-to-day risks associated with the health and safety of people entering your strata property. Our services include reporting injuries, incidents, and hazards on your common property to fulfil your duty of care.

Community health and safety is important for every individual because we all want to live and work in a safe environment.

Being proactive in managing potential risks and promoting well-being is the responsibility of any committee, owners corporation and business in their commitment to the welfare of residents and staff.

Have an injury, incident or hazard to report?

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Whether you’re formally engaging a contractor to do maintenance works or having a contractor come and go, your strata manager and the Community Health & Safety team are ready to help and support you 24/7.

Why Community Health & Safe

Strata duty of care

Since Community Health & Safety launched, we have assisted over 4,000 properties to record and manage over 20,000 common property hazards and incidents. Our help has logged hundreds of cases ranging from minor to extreme.


Community Health & Safety takes the guesswork out of helping you and your common property meet requirements across the key areas:

Strata, body corporate and owners corporation laws

Duty to maintain, repair, and manage common property according to legislation

Work/occupational health and safety laws

Duty to ensure safety to those performing services

Common law and public liability

Duty of care to all people who enter your common property

Join the community of over 200,000 property owners who have partnered with us to help care for their properties.

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Community Health & Safety benefits

We all have the right to live and work in a safe environment

The responsibility of owners to ensure that their common property is safe to use is often overlooked because it isn’t straightforward. With up-to-date alerts, comprehensive resources and a dedicated team available 24/7, we help provide the support you need.

Access to expert consultants

Regular legislation updates

Dedicated team to report, file, and log incidents

Historical record keeping for evidence and to avoid unnecessary callouts

Improved tracking of health and safety matters, including work orders

Access to more than 2,500 authorised contractors

Work Health and Safety guidance and best practice procedures and systems to tailor for your property

Training for committees, facilities managers, and caretakers on public liability and WHS

Site-specific regulatory compliance reporting as a health check for your property

And much more!

Protect your strata property with Community Health & Safety

Avoid unnecessary claims for injury, incident or hazards. To find out more on Community Health & Safety or related information, contact us using the form and we’ll be in touch soon.