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Our resources are designed to provide you with the tools to help enhance your community across strata, body corporate and owners corporation management. They cover various topics, explain their impact on you, and clear up common misconceptions.

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Family home concept. Residential buildings and houses in a bird's nest. Parenting metaphor. Investing in real estate. Mortgage. Buying a home for young families. Social support in purchase of housing.

Apartment living and lifestyle

Safety first road sign

Building defects and safety

Lawyer and his client are examining legal document

By-laws and managing disputes

Teamwork and collaboration in a tech-driven Australian office with stunning Sydney views.

Committee member information

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Legislation and compliance

Pets article

Pets in community living

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By-laws and managing disputes


Repairs and maintenance


Supporting sustainability and energy savings

Man and house model calculating with calculator

Finance and insurance

Man Covering His Head With Pillow In Bed


Bangkok, Thailand - 30 Jun 2021 : Row of different cars parked in Residential apartment building at workday. Full car park with parked cars. People stay at home during COVID-19 pandemic, Copy space, Selective focus.



Short-term letting

enhancing communities

As urban living evolves in Australia, so does our sense of community. Neighbours are no longer just those on our street; they are now the ones we share our building with. We live closer than ever, sharing common spaces like lobbies, gardens, and driveways.

PICA Group is committed to supporting Australian property owners in navigating this changing landscape by offering the expertise , services and resources needed to enhance communities.

We address various topics, explaining their significance, how they may affect you, and dispelling common misconceptions.