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As an active committee member living in a strata property, are you looking to save on your energy bills?

At PICA Group, we are advocates of actively reviewing and assessing energy agreements to ensure our customers are on the best deal available through CommunityUtilities.

In a market where new electricity or gas agreements are rewarded with top discounts and better rates, inertia in this space results in paying high standard rates. Throughout 2020 PICA Group’s CommunityUtilities team will assess our customers energy agreements and seek the best offer available.

Why CommunityUtilities?

Energy is a complex area and with 100 energy retailers in Australia. Searching for a better deal can easily become overwhelming. CommunityUtilities is a specialized team within PICA Group who knows the ins and outs of the energy market. Further, PICA Group has formed a panel of Australia’s top brokers to aid our customers with getting the best deal. For small schemes we are regularly finding savings of 30 to 40%. In some cases, the annual energy savings have been more than the management fee!

The CommunityUtilities benefit

  • No brokerage nor service fees
  • Tailored for your scheme
  • Fast and efficient
  • Potential for incredible savings
  • Annual check that the scheme is receiving the best rate available.

Who is this for?

Any PICA Group customer with a common property electricity and/or gas account can access this product service.

How do I access this?

Talk to our team about savings on your common property energy bills by using our contact form on the right-hand side of this page.

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