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Our promise

At PICA Group, we’re committed to providing a professional, seamless and enjoyable experience for every candidate. We strive to create workplaces that reflect the communities we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work.

We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. We believe diversity drives innovation, so we’re building a culture where difference is valued.

We’re dedicated to developing our programs and tools to help employees grow and manage their careers. No matter what area of the business, the seniority or the nature of the role, we commit to:

Providing accurate and informative job requirements

Providing and welcoming the opportunity for feedback

Respecting your privacy and protecting personal information

Being transparent with you throughout the process

Providing a welcoming and inclusive experience

Keeping you informed, every step of the way

Our values

Company values matter as they capture the essence of who we are and what we stand for. While we consist of different subsidiary businesses, together, we are all part of one PICA Group.

Our values are like a compass, helping us to be successful individually and as a team. They also hold us in good stead in our external relationships and service delivery.

say it


We value honesty and openness in our communication and believe in providing straightforward and clear information, avoiding ambiguity or hidden agendas. We’re not afraid to have difficult conversations and do so with empathy, kindness and respect. Our commitment to saying it straight fosters trust and promotes a culture of authenticity within the organisation.


We recognise the power of collaboration and understand that working together as a cohesive team yields better results. We actively seek opportunities to leverage the diverse perspectives, skills, and expertise within our own teams and also cross-functionally, fostering an environment where employee contributions are sought, valued and respected.

focus on


We approach problems with a positive and proactive attitude, emphasising the search for practical and effective solutions. Rather than dwelling on obstacles or looking for something or someone to blame, we prioritise action and innovation, striving to overcome challenges and continuously improve our products and services.

get things


We value a strong work ethic and emphasise the importance of prompt service, meeting deadlines and achieving goals. We are a company that takes action and delivers on our commitments. We take the time to recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and teams.

relentlessly pursue


We are dedicated to finding the most straightforward and efficient solutions to both simple and complex challenges. We aim to optimise processes, reduce unnecessary complexities, and improve the overall user experience for both our internal teams and customers.

delight the


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. By understanding their needs and preferences, we aim not only to meet, but to exceed their expectations at every touchpoint, fostering lasting relationships and loyalty. We respond to dissatisfaction positively and take proactive steps to understand problems and find win/win solutions, striving to turn every detractor into a promoter.

Life at PICA Group

We asked our people what made working at one of Australia’s largest property services company special. Here’s what they highlighted:

Why join us

At PICA Group, we believe a good work environment starts with professionalism and positivity for our employees.

To achieve this, we promote diversity not only in race or gender but also in skillsets, business approaches and personalities. This creates a workplace that fosters innovation and encourages a wide range of fresh ideas and perspectives.

Additionally, we offer competitive base salaries, rewards, career support, access to training programs, and flexible working arrangements through our PICA Perks program.

Putting work aside, we love celebrating birthdays and believe no one should have to work on their special day. In addition to the benefits above, you also enjoy a paid day off to celebrate you!

Strata manager qualities we look for

Being part of a fast-growing industry means there are always opportunities in our business.

Whether you have strata management experience or not, we’d love to hear from you!

Here’s what our people say

PICA Group recruitment

We’re always on the lookout for talented, passionate and customer-focused individuals to join PICA Group. If you’re interested in pursuing a career with one of the leading property services companies in Australia, simply email your CV to

PICA Group strives to create a professional, positive work environment for its employees. We encourage continuous professional development and pay for nationally accredited training.

You will enjoy competitive compensation, career support, access to training programs and flexible working arrangements. Plus, no one should have to work on their birthday! A paid day off to relax and enjoy your birthday is just one of the many benefits of a career with PICA group.

Search our job vacancies

The three-stage recruitment process

1. Phone Interview

A member of the recruitment team will contact you to conduct a 15-20 minute call.

2. Face-to-face interview

If you have the right skills and experience, you will be invited to attend an interview with the hiring manager and other team members. This interview can be virtual (with cameras on) or in person; depending on the role's seniority, we may invite you to meet more than once. The interview format may vary. Most interviews will involve the hiring manager asking about your experiences and how you would handle real-life situations related to the role you applied for.

3. Reference checks

If you have been shortlisted as the preferred candidate, reference checks will be conducted, and you will be asked to complete a national police check. With successful completion of reference checks, you will be contacted with a verbal offer, and a welcome pack containing your employment contract will be sent to you to start you on your #PICAPeep journey.