CommunitySure Protect your strata property

Protect your strata property with an industry-leading insurance policy

Finding adequate insurance cover that meets the requirements of your committee and yourself, while remaining affordable, can be a complex process. We understand this, which is why CommunitySure offers comprehensive coverage for your property which can be combined with CHU’s cover for landlords and contents.

Why choose CommunitySure

CommunitySure was developed to address our customers’ need for a value for money package, and streamlined processes when it came to insuring their home.

CommunitySure is an insurance product available exclusively to strata properties managed by PICA Group. It is underwritten by QBE and CHU, Australia’s largest strata insurer, and is available through our brokerage partner, BCB, which is part of the Steadfast Group, Australia’s leading broker network for strata insurance.

CommunitySure has developed a reputation as the best insurance cover in the market for strata properties due to its exclusive benefits such as $10M extra public liability cover and $4m extra office bearer’s liability cover. Additionally, if you make a claim on your CHU landlords/contents policy which also affects your CommunitySure insured strata property in the same insurable event, the excess on your landlords/contents insurance will be waived.

Enjoy peace of mind with more protection

As a customer of PICA Group, you can exclusively benefit from an enhanced level of insurance cover at a competitive price.

Key benefits of protecting your building with CommunitySure and combining this with a CHU landlords or contents policy are:

Tailored insurance for your strata property
More benefits at a competitive price
Quicker turnaround on claims settlement
Avoid paying excess on your CHU landlords or contents policy for the same insurable event
Quicker repairs response if your building is protected by CommunitySure and your personal contents is protected by CHU – they will commence simultaneously with general building repairs
It is quick and easy to apply for landlords or contents insurance online 24/7. If your building is insured with CommunitySure the online system will automatically apply this information.


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