Debtor consultations and field calls

Debtor consultations and field calls

Our longstanding success as recovery specialists means we know when to engage different styles of debt collection

Our debtor consultations and field calls are when one of our registered and highly experienced team members has face-to-face contact with a debtor, generally by visiting somewhere like their home.

As recommended by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), we keep field calls and personal visits as a last resort unless serving documents. If our initial attempts to contact debtors hasn’t worked, we use face-to-face.

Consulting with a debtor in real time means we can confirm their location and negotiate payment.

Are consultations and field calls intimidating for the debtor?

No. Our agents are highly experienced, registered and trained. We remain professional at every step of the way and always follow laws around privacy and intimidation. We view our debtor consultations and field calls as starting up a conversation about how to get your money back.

How will the debtor pay me back?

We use advanced online payment portals so that paying back the money is quick and easy for the debtor. What’s more, we make sure that getting your money back and paying us doesn’t throw your books out. We claim the full amount owed to you and our fees from the debtor. Meaning, you can pay our invoice once you have received the money, and because you initially receive a surplus from the debtor, it means the accounting is straightforward on your side.

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