Debtor consultations and field calls

Our longstanding success as recovery specialists means we know when to engage different styles of debt collection.

A field call is when a debt collection agent goes to the debtor’s location. The agent confirms their address, explains the consequences of not paying their debt, and attempts to collect the money immediately or by an approved payment plan. Our team members, who are registered and highly experienced, conduct debtor consultations and field calls. This usually involves face-to-face meetings with the person owing the money, often at their home. Direct, real-time conversations allow us to confirm where they live and discuss payment arrangements.

Our agents follow a nine step process when making a field call to a debtor

Confirm their address.

Serve any demand letters or notices.

Confirm contact phone numbers.

Interview them regarding their financial situation.

Request payment of arrears and make arrangements for future payments.

Evaluate their assets for potential litigation.

Report on condition of their property including any security held.

If they have left the address, interview neighbours and commence skip tracing procedures.

Report back to the client regarding any assets such as motor vehicles.

In line with recommendations from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), we typically reserve field calls and personal visits as a last resort unless serving documents. If our initial attempts to contact debtors are unsuccessful, we opt for face-to-face communications.

How do we work towards making consultations and field calls a less daunting experience for the debtor?

We recognise that the fear of losing control, damaging credit ratings, and potentially facing legal consequences can add to the emotional burden for a person owing money. Additionally, customers may feel embarrassed or ashamed about their debt. Our agents are highly experienced, registered and trained. They maintain professionalism throughout the process and adhere to laws regarding privacy and intimidation. We see our debtor consultations and field calls as initiating a dialogue on how to recovering the funds.

How will the debtor pay back?

We have advanced online payment portals to make the settlement process quick and convenient for the person owing the money. More importantly, we aim to make the funds recovered and paying Kemps Petersons hassle-free without altering your financial records. We collect the entire amount owed, including our fees, directly from the debtor. Once you have received the money, our invoice can be paid. Because you initially receive more than what’s owed from the person owing the debt, keeping track of finances becomes easy.

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