Location services, skip tracing, consultations and field calls and much more through Service with Service

Our location services and skip tracing are professional and risk-free.

Our expertise in data management, research, investigation, and access to specialised search engines means we can locate people without breaching privacy laws.
The task of tracking people down can be complex. They may employ evasive tactics such as changing their contact information, making it harder for you to reach them.

How do location services and skip tracing work?

To locate people, we use our team of:

Experienced field agents

Targeted researchers

Private investigators

What if locating my debtor is complex?

At Service with Service, we recognise the challenges that may arise in locating individuals, particularly in complex scenarios. That’s where our specialised private investigation unit steps in.

Our dedicated professionals use your information as a starting point to expand and locate persons from the most simple to complex cases in Australia or overseas. Because we focus on end-to-end service, once our private investigation team locates a debtor to recover money, we can arrange payments or serve legal documents.

Process serving

A process server can deliver legal or formal documents such as debt notices and court summons. If you need a legal document served, call us today so we can assist you immediately.
Our licensed panel of process servers are regularly reviewed and audited, allowing you to feel confident that your documents will be served quickly and cost-effectively.
Service with Service has been serving documents for over 35 years and uses a range of techniques to achieve success in even the most difficult situations.

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