Strata debt collection

Struggling with unpaid levies? We have the experience to recover your debt quickly.

We know how important healthy financial management is to strata properties. We also know that relying on others to pay levies or fees doesn’t always go according to plan. Kemps Petersons’ helps committees, owners corporations, and body corporates get back on track by recovering a debt quickly.

As an ISO-accredited debt recovery agency, our team has over 20 years of combined experience in the strata industry. We have the skills and resources to recover outstanding levy payments quickly and cost-effectively to help committees have the necessary funds to manage and maintain the property’s value.

Our comprehensive range of services

Debt collection

Credit reporting

Process serving and field calls

Skip tracing

We keep costs low

When we recover a debt, the person owing the money pays the recovery fee.

Our primary goal is to recover money quickly and cost-effectively by offering the best-in-market rates.

With other debt recovery agencies, when money has been successfully retrieved, a fee is generally deducted from the total amount, leaving you out of pocket.

However, when Kemps Petersons recuperates a debt, the person owing the money (the debtor) pays the recovery fee, not you. The primary goal is to retrieve money quickly and cost-effectively by offering competitive rates.

We have an established 14-day collection process

Experienced debt collection specialists.

Many people fear that collecting a debt may become a costly legal battle. However, Kemps Petersons’ efficient processes, high success rates, and focus on resolving claims quickly usually mean most are straightforward.

Our established 14-day collection process means we recover money and get your case closed. We’re about wrapping issues up rather than dragging them out.

We have efficient processes for faster debt recovery

We put people first.

Debt recovery can be an emotional process. It can bring a sense of vulnerability and stress to the people owing the money, as it involves dealing with personal finances that may feel overwhelming. Kemps Petersons put people at the centre. Our debt recovery processes are handled in a friendly, transparent, and honest manner. Using comprehensive communication strategies and legal expertise, we are well-equipped to address any issues promptly, providing support throughout the entire debt collection process.

We strive to recover outstanding accounts cost-effectively and with a personal touch so that the committee has the necessary funds to manage and maintain the value of their property. We assign a dedicated account manager to each customer to accomplish this. They offer a personal touch to guide them through each step of the debt recovery process, keeping them informed on progress.

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