Commercial debt recovery

Commercial debt recovery

As commercial debt recovery specialists, we’ve been keeping Australians in business for more than 70 years

As an official partner and authorised supplier of Procurement Australia, we are a recognised and vetted provider of debt recovery services for businesses within the public and private sectors for Australia’s biggest states.

We offer a range of tailored debt solutions for commercial businesses of all shapes and sizes to stay on track.

We have long-term and well-established clients across:






At Kemps Petersons Receivables, we are here to help regardless of what your industry is. Through our subsidiary business, Service With Service, we offer a comprehensive range of services including skip tracing, field calls and document serving.

No collection, no charge

Our promise to you

If we don’t collect your money, we don’t charge for our services. Getting our clients back on track is a priority, so if we can’t deliver the money owed to you, you don’t pay for us.

Our comprehensive range of services

Bulleted tickDebt collection

Bulleted tickProcess serving and field calls

Bulleted tickSkip tracing

Bulleted tickCredit reporting

Free 30-minute initial consultation

Take the first step for free

Deciding whether to use debt collection or whether it is appropriate for your situation can be tricky. That’s why we offer a free 30-minute initial consultation to help you decide if undergoing this process is necessary.

We have years of experience and practice expertise

We put people first
Because people are at the centre of everything we do, our debt recoveries are handled in a friendly, open and honest way.


Highly experienced
Our debt collection specialists have the knowledge and best practice processes to reclaim the money most efficiently.


Comprehensive range of services
Our services include debtor location, skip tracing, field calls, credit reporting, and more.


Best in market rates
We offer competitive fees and the debtor pays the recovery fee rather than you.


Best practice processes
We have industry knowledge and best practice processes to reclaim money in the most efficient way possible, while remaining fully compliant.

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Talk to our team or find out more about our strata debt recovery services using our contact form on this webpage.

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