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Strata management, also known as body corporate management or owners corporation management, refers to the professional administration of multi-unit properties such as units, townhouses, or apartment complexes.

The primary role of a strata management company is to oversee the day-to-day operations and maintenance of common property and shared facilities within a strata titled or community titled scheme. This includes financial management, administration, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and help to facilitate effective communication among owners, residents, and governing bodies.

Our journey began over 70 years ago in Australia when we set up the first strata management scheme. Fast forward to today, we have created an industry-leading team of experts across various property types. These specialists are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help manage your building or home with care, attention, and a focus on protecting and maintaining its value.

Our strata professionals guide owners and committees across residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. Through broad skill sets, years of experience, and our strength of network, our branch teams help properties run at a high standard.

Why choose PICA Group for your strata management

How our strata title management benefit you

As your strata, body corporate and owners corporation management provider, we partner with you to effectively manage your strata property. We prioritise:

  • Prompt resolution of maintenance issues.
  • Help to keep your strata, body corporate and owners corporation finances on track.
  • Checking that your insurance is valid.
  • Assisting in managing your strata, body corporate and owners corporation property, adhering to regulations, building rules and by-laws.

Our strata management services focus on six key areas:

Strata administration

We offer administrative expertise for all property types. Our services cover small apartment buildings to 100+ lot complexes and large building management committees (BMCs).

Financial management

We manage the collection, accounting and expenditure of funds with transparency and diligent reporting.

Maintenance coordination

We help maintain buildings and common areas, including maintenance planning, cost efficiencies and contractor coordination.

Advisory services

We provide guidance and resources in multiple areas, from legislation, defects, building sustainability and utility cost savings to help managing committee relationships.

By-laws and rules

We support your committee with your by-laws or building rules looking at fairness, accuracy, registration and consolidation with your relevant state government body.

Building compliance

We can arrange for comprehensive building compliance audits that help reduce liability and assist in meeting your legal obligations.

Join the community of over 200,000 property owners who have partnered with us to help care for their properties.

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What’s included

When you choose PICA Group to manage your strata property, you have access to an extensive range of additional services:

PICA Group difference

With a rich history dating back to 1948, enhancing communities is at the heart of what we do at PICA Group. As Australia’s leading property services provider, our unwavering commitment to delivering a great customer experience and comprehensive offerings, including strata and facilities management, debt recovery, and legal and developer services, sets us apart. Through our wide range of products and services, we aim to optimise the longevity of your property.


We provide our committee members and owners with the tools and support to successfully manage their property and help extend their building life cycles.

Highly experienced strata managers

Our team of strata professionals combines their diverse range of skills, extensive expertise, and commitment to delivering high-quality property management services.

Tailored management services

With PICA Group, you can choose the scope and style of management for your particular strata needs. Our network of strata management companies across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Northern Territory means you can choose the local strata manager who’s right for your property.

Best practice management techniques

We help increase your property’s value by: Supporting sustainability initiatives such as NABERS for Apartment Buildings. Our CommunityUtilities program is designed to assess competitive market rates to help reduce common property gas and electricity expenses.

Specialists in all property types

We provide expert guidance across all types of properties, including residential strata management (apartments, townhouses, community title, company title, etc.), commercial strata management (offices, hotels, retailers, etc.), and mixed-use strata management (both residential, commercial and BMCs).

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Strata information by state

Depending on the state or territory, strata management is also called body corporate or owners corporation and is governed by different laws.

We help you navigate nuances of state-specific legislation, understand terminologies, and gain a comprehensive understanding of how these frameworks operate uniquely across Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Looking for a strata manager in Victoria?

Understand how owners corporation works in VIC

Victorian properties operate under the owners corporation framework, requiring a specialised approach to management.

Our services in Victoria encompass comprehensive support tailored to the intricacies of owners corporation legislation. Discover the benefits of partnering with experts who are deeply familiar with Victoria’s property management needs, Victoria-state legislations, and learn how we can assist in elevating your property’s value and community satisfaction.

Click to learn more about owners corporation.

Looking for a strata manager for your QLD property?

Understand how body corporate works in QLD

In Queensland, ‘body corporate’ is the term used to describe the collective ownership of a property.

Our body corporate services are specifically designed for QLD property owners, offering services from administrative support to legislative compliance.

Understand the unique aspects of body corporate management in Queensland and how our local knowledge can benefit your property.

Strata management essentials

Strata refers to a form of property ownership where individuals own a portion of a larger property, typically an apartment building or townhouse complex, along with shared ownership of common areas like corridors, elevators, and gardens. All lot owners are part of the owners corporation (also called ‘body corporate’ in QLD) and are responsible for managing shared spaces (or common property) plus the overall property maintenance like hallways, gardens, lifts, driveways, swimming pools and gyms.

A strata manager plays a vital role in enhancing community living by absorbing various responsibilities that often go unnoticed. From advising and mediating to coordinating and acting as a secretary or chairperson, their behind-the-scenes work ensures the smooth operation of strata properties, benefiting both owners and residents.

In Australia, the main types of strata properties are strata title, community title, company title, and building management committee (BMC). Each type has its unique administration and maintenance requirements. To learn more, visit our guide about strata property types.

Strata insurance is a specialised insurance tailored for properties divided into multiple units like apartments, townhouses, or villas. Strata insurance focuses on common areas and shared elements within the property, such as hallways, lobbies, elevators, and communal facilities like pools or gyms.

Generally, it covers damage to the building’s structure, common property, and shared assets and can include cover for events like fire, water damage, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Get a free tailored strata management quote

Every strata property is different and has unique issues and requirements, which is why we tailor our services to suit your needs. Simply fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.


Strata management is important as it helps the smooth functioning of residential or commercial complexes. It provides professional support for administrative tasks, financial management, property maintenance, assists with compliance with legal obligations, and can enhance property value.

Strata management refers to the professional service that manages a strata scheme. A body corporate or owners corporation is a legal entity consisting of all lot owners within the strata scheme. The difference lies in their roles: strata managers are appointed by the body corporate or owners corporation to assist with day-to-day operations. Body corporate is Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania terminology, and owners corporations is used in New South Wales and Victoria.

A strata title (or community title in Queensland) is a form of ownership devised for multi-level apartment blocks and horizontal subdivisions (townhouses). It allows individual ownership of part of a property (a lot) and has shared ownership of common areas (common property, e.g., hallways, gardens, lifts, driveways, swimming pools, and gyms.)

Strata managers are regulated by individual state and territory laws in Australia. They may also be members of professional organisations that help set industry standards.

Strata management benefits property owners and residents by helping with timely maintenance, managing financial aspects such as budgeting and insurance, helping resolve disputes, and complying with relevant regulations, all of which can contribute to a better living environment.

Strata management in Australia is governed by specific state legislation, including the Strata Titles Act or the Community Titles Act. These laws cover aspects such as management and administration, financial management, dispute resolution, and the rights and responsibilities of owners.

A strata scheme is a building or collection of buildings that has been divided into ‘lots’. Owners purchase an individual lot and share ownership of common areas (common property, e.g., hallways, gardens, lifts, driveways, swimming pools, and gyms.)

Common property in a strata scheme refers to areas that are shared among the owners. Common property typically includes lobbies, gardens, hallways, stairwells, rooftops, and other shared amenities. All owners jointly own these spaces and are responsible for their upkeep.

Strata fees, or levies, are payments made by the owners in a strata scheme. These fees cover the costs of running and maintaining the common property, which falls under the owner’s responsibilities. This may include cleaning, gardening, insurance, and maintenance of common areas. The owners corporation (not the strata manager) determines the levy amount. These fees vary based on the property’s size, condition and facilities.

A strata report is a document that provides detailed information about a strata scheme, including its financial status, any building defects, future maintenance plans, and any ongoing disputes. To get one, you can hire a strata inspector who will review the records of the strata scheme and compile the report. This is especially useful when buying a strata titled property to understand the condition and potential costs involved in the scheme.