Are you getting your money’s worth with your current strata management provider?

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Service level clarity

Get clarity on how well you are being serviced and whether your current provider is meeting their obligations for strata management services.

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We’ll provide resources as well as product and service recommendations based on your strata health score to help improve your strata living experience.

Compare your strata services

See how your strata management and strata living experience compares against over 200,000 customers that PICA Group services.

This strata health check gives you an indication of how well your current strata management provider is doing, and whether they are meeting their obligations based on the guaranteed services we offer to over 200,000 customers.

We measure key areas such as your strata experience, your strata’s security and safety, your provider’s service and level of support, and more.

Once you’re done with the strata health check we’ll provide you with an overall strata health score and share your results via email. The result takes into account your answers from all the key areas measured.

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