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Let’s face it, buildings are complicated and costly. Our free guide will help you navigate the often complicated and tricky landscape of building compliance. Find out how you can prevent unexpected costs, find important considerations for your building’s insurance, and how to manage combustible cladding risks.

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Prevent unexpected costs from building defects

Building defects may happen for any number of reasons and at any time. See what you can do to help protect your pocket and your property, as well as discover the eight common building defects that can decrease the value of your property, whilst increasing costs.

See how insurers evaluate building defects

Defects are common in both new buildings and existing properties. The nature and severity of defects can vary greatly with age, which can impact your insurance cover. Find out more on what to look out for.

Minimising maintenance and repair costs

The cost of maintaining an apartment and common areas can be high if your building maintenance requirements are not properly assessed. Find out how you can minimise maintenance and repair costs of apartment living with this handy checklist.

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