Strata management

Strata management

We are led by award-winning strata managers and support staff

Strata management from PICA Group ensures your property is managed with care, attention and a focus on protecting and maintaining its value.

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Highly experienced strata managers

Best practice management techniques

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Flexible management services

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Specialists in all property types.

PICA Group difference

PICA Group is Australia’s leading provider of strata management services and our strata management is unrivalled in the industry, thanks to our:

Tick icon Highly experienced strata managers

Our strata professionals have broad skill sets and many years of experience, ensuring your property is always managed to the very highest standard.

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We help to increase the value of your property by focusing on sustainability and enhanced community living. We do this by supporting sustainability initiatives such as NABERS for Apartment Buildings and working to provide practical community living solutions such as energy savings programs we call CommunityUtilities.

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With PICA Group, you can choose the scope and style of management for your particular strata needs  Our network of strata management companies across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria means you can choose the local strata manager who’s exactly right for your property.

Tick icon Specialists in all property types

We provide expert guidance across all types of properties including residential strata management (apartments, townhouses, community title, company title, etc.), commercial strata management (offices, hotels, retailers etc., and mixed-use strata management (both residential and commercial and BMCs).

How our strata management service works

As a strata owner or committee, you have a duty of care to maintain, repair and insure your property to stay compliant with regulatory requirements. All of this requires time, money and a certain level of legal understanding.

As your strata manager, we partner with you to take care of all of this, ensuring your maintenance issues are addressed promptly, your finances are on track, your insurance is valid and your property is being managed according to regulations.

We do this by focusing on six key areas including:

Strata administration
We provide administrative expertise regardless of your property type

Financial management
We manage the collection, accounting and expenditure of funds with transparency and diligent reporting

Maintenance coordination
We ensure buildings and common areas are properly maintained, including maintenance planning, cost efficiencies and contractor coordination

Advisory services
We provide guidance and resources on everything from legislation, defects, building sustainability and utility cost savings to managing committee relationships

By-laws and rules
We ensure your by-laws or building rules are fair, accurately drafted, registered and consolidated with your relevant state body

Building compliance
We can arrange for full-service building compliance audits to mitigate liability and ensure you’re meeting your legal duty of care.

What’s included

When you choose PICA Group to manage your strata property, you also become eligible for a range of additional services and incentives:

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Our online strata portal gives you 24/7 access to your property information. Stay up to date with administration, pay your owners levies, view your financial statements, monitor ongoing repairs, approve invoices and much more, any time and from any mobile device.

Community Health and Safety

Protect your property from liability claims with alerts, resources and access to expertise 24/7. This service helps you report and manage injuries, incidents and hazards on your common property and fulfil your duty of care to your residents.


Provides access to a database of more than 2,500 fully vetted service providers and maintenance contractors. Hire without risk from a huge bank of fully vetted, licensed and insured tradespeople to work on your common property, from pest controllers to qualified engineers.


Get competitively priced strata insurance cover that’s tailored to your property. Be safe with affordable cover for your common property that meets the requirements of your committee. Available exclusively to properties managed by PICA Group and backed by QBE and CHU, Australia’s largest strata insurer.


Find and lock in the market’s most competitive utility rates for your strata property with help from our team of experts. This is a free PICA Group initiative that includes a range of expense reduction programs designed to help reduce the cost of community living across Australia.

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Offers and discounts on a range of services including by-law drafting and insurance cover. We use our partnerships and relationships across related industries to secure competitive discounts and exclusive deals for our customers.

About PICA Group

PICA Group has been enhancing community living since 1948. Now Australia’s leading property services provider, we offer a comprehensive range of services from strata and facilities management to debt recovery, legal and developer services.

Our range of products and services provide our committee members and owners with the tools and support to successfully manage their property, extend its life-cycle and enhance community living.

Why choose us?

The depth of our expertise and the breadth of our resources are both major factors that set us apart from our competitors, but a third factor is our holistic approach to strata and property management.

As well as efficient, compliant and cost-effective practices, we believe proactive maintenance, sustainability and enhanced community living are important keys for improving the value of strata properties.

Proactive maintenance means avoiding unexpected costs, sustainability brings benefits through energy savings and reduced running costs, while harmonious community living increases liveability and ensures the ongoing viability of strata living.

At PICA Group, we aim to enhance community living by supporting people and their properties. And we do this by providing practical community living solutions through our range of services, tools and resources.

Get a free tailored strata management quote

Every strata property is different and has unique issues and requirements. That’s why PICA Group takes time to understand your situation through a free strata assessment before providing a tailored quote, depending on how much or how little strata management you need.

To talk to our team about your free strata assessment to get started, simply fill out the form on the page and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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