NABERS for Apartment Buildings

NABERS for Apartment Buildings

Maximise savings on your utility bills by obtaining a NABERS for Apartment Buildings rating

In June 2018, the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) for Apartment Buildings was launched. Known as NABERS, the system rates the energy and water efficiency of a building’s common property using a six-star scale. Borne out of the success of the NABERS Commercial Building Disclosure Program, a government initiative which started 20 years ago, NABERS now offers a way for strata properties to save money while working towards a more sustainable future.

Why get a NABERS for Apartment Buildings rating

Find out how an accurate reading on the energy and water efficiency of your common property can deliver increased savings

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Establish the building’s operational value

Identify improvements

Identify improvements

Why get a NABERS rating

Unlock potential savings

Increase market value

Increase market value

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Download a NABERS information guide

Your information guide includes

• The benfits of a NABERS rating
• How to qualify
• How NABERS rating system works
• How your NABERS rating will be calculated

We make the process easier

Our team have made it straightforward, and your assessor will guide you throughout the entire process

Ratings are conducted by a qualified assessor, who is authorised by the National Administrator on behalf of the Federal Government. Your assessor will work with your committee to compile all data and visit your property, and submit the property’s application to the technical team at NABERS. Once you have received your rating certificate our team can work with you to plan and discuss strategies on how to improve the building’s rating.

Book a NABERS for Apartment Buildings assessment today

Find out more about how our in-house assessor can help improve the energy and water efficiency for your common property by getting a NABERS for Apartment Buildings rating. To find out more on NABERS for Apartment Buildings and related information, contact us using the form on this page and we’ll be in touch soon.

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