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Using our partnerships and relationships across related industries, PICA Group privilege offers competitive discounts, exclusive deals and resources to our PICA Group family.

Save on food delivery by-law drafting
By-law drafting, discounted fixed fee of $650

An influx of food delivery services can raise concerns surrounding building security, and health and safety if not managed well.

Kemps Petersons Legal will provide a food delivery by-law for a discounted fixed fee of $650 plus GST and disbursements.

Save on short-term letting by-laws drafting
By-law drafting, discounted price from $200

Personally tailored and watertight by-laws are the key to minimising risk and to aid in the smooth running of a harmonious community. We are offering 50% discount on the non-customer price.

A defibrillator on your property can save lives
$300 gift card

Sudden cardiac arrest kills almost 30,000 Australians every year, and because you can’t know when it happens, we need defibrillators in all homes and building

Save on your common property energy bills
Save up to 30%

PICA Group’s CommunityUtilities team can assess your common property energy agreement, and seek the best available offer.

Common property insurance
Exclusive benefit

Avoid putting your common property at risk. Be safe with CommunitySure.

CommunitySure is available exclusively to properties managed by PICA Group. Enjoy an enhanced level of cover at a competitive price.

NABERS for Apartment Buildings rating
Maximise savings

Find out how an accurate reading on the energy and water efficiency of your common property can deliver increased savings on the utility bills for your strata property.

No rating lodgement fee between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021.

Book an assessment today.

Contents insurance
20% discount

Contents insurance protects you against the unexpected by financially covering or replacing damaged personal possessions.

Lock in your PICA Group 20% discount.
Get a quote with CHU contents insurance today.

Landlord insurance
20% discount

Landlords insurance is a tax-deductible insurance policy that protects your investment property against loss and damages while leasing to tenants.

Lock in your PICA Group 20% discount.
Get a quote with CHU landlord insurance today.