Project coordination

Take the stress out of your building works

No matter how straightforward or complex your building and maintenance projects, you can benefit from the assistance of a dedicated person to make sure everything stays on track and is executed to a high standard.

Our dedicated, experienced project coordination team takes the hassle and stress out of maintaining, repairing and renovating your building, helping deliver better value for your money.

How does project coordination work?

All owners and committees have a duty of care to those in the property.

When works are being undertaken on common property, the site becomes a workplace where health and safety regulations apply. Professional project coordination means owners and committees can be assured that safety requirements have been met and works will be carried out in a way that minimises risks, disputes and liability for owners.

Our experienced project coordinators work exclusively on strata and multi-owned properties. They use a clear and transparent communication approach combined with industry expertise to ensure you understand the scope of works and are not disadvantaged by unexpected costs and impacts.

What’s more, our coordinators take the hassle out of physical on-site contractor management, freeing owners, and committee members to get on with their lives clear of stress. Plus, you can decide how much assistance you need on a pay-as-you-go basis.


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3 stages of project coordination

To ensure transparency and clear communication, we ensure the scope of works is understood upfront.

Project initiation

If not already established by the owners corporation, we can help with project scope development and the briefing process, call for tenders and provide an assessment for consideration.

Works coordination

Following strict due diligence, our project coordinator will oversee the work to assist in delivering to scope and within the agreed timeframe and budget.


Keeping your owners corporation, strata manager, building manager, contractors and residents informed of the progress of the project is just as important as keeping an eye on the work itself.

How does project coordination differ from strata or building management?

Licensed strata managers and building managers are appointed to manage the day-to-day running of a strata’s common property and ensure the owners corporation fulfills its legislative responsibilities.

A project coordinator, on the other hand, possesses the technical expertise to take the stress and complexities out of your building repairs or renovations. Our project coordinators can provide an end-to-end project coordination service or any part of the process on a pay-as-you-go basis – you’re in control.

A project coordinator’s role can encompass:

Reviewing and assisting the owners corporation to define and develop the scope of works

Acting as the one central information and coordination person for the project

Arranging the tender processes with qualified, compliant contractors

Confirming contractor compliance, ie insurances, licenses and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

Helping residents and contractors understand the impact of the works and managing communication of expected disturbances or service outages to ensure minimum disruption

Confirming that works follow the agreed upon time-line, and if not on time, communicating with relevant stakeholders

Conducting periodic site inspections to ensure the works are completed to scope

Reviewing contracts and invoices for accuracy as per the agreed terms and conditions.

Our flexible pay-as-you go project coordination option

We manage your building or maintenance project differently to other facility management businesses. Most owners corporations find themselves locked into expensive fixed contracts, in which an agreed percentage of total work undertaken is charged.

Our pay-as-you-go pricing model means you only pay for the work you ask us to do.

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Discover how to protect the value and extend the life of your property by using a building condition report. Simply fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Get started with proactive maintenance planning today, ask for a building condition report and discover how to protect the value and extend the life of your property by using a building condition report. Simply fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch soon.