Enhancing community living

Enhancing community living

At the heart of everything we do

Our urban landscape continues to change throughout Australia, as does our way of living. Our neighbours are no longer just the people we share our streets with; they are now the people who share our building. We live closer and share more than ever before. Through sharing common areas such as lobbies, walls, gardens, driveways and garbage disposal areas, we are challenged to learn and embrace new forms of community living.

PICA Group are dedicated to helping Australians navigate this evolving landscape by providing the expertise and tools to enhance community living. From our resource libraries to our family-network of services, PICA Group works to provide practical community living solutions.

Strengthening the three pillars of strata living

Each of our products, services, and programs aim to enhance liveability, create more certainty, and increase harmony within Australia’s community living landscape

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Reducing the stress and time you spend on phone calls, emails, and paperwork so you have the time to enjoy the fun things in life. This includes ensuring you have convenient ways to make contact, and access to 24/7 support and information when needed.

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Ensuring that you have the guidance and information to make the decisions for your strata property with confidence. This includes ensuring you have access to jargon-free resources and support programs when needed.


Supporting you in the day to day areas of community living to help make your everyday community living more enjoyable. This includes helping you understand your rights and ensuring you feel supported when problems occur.

Providing you with more than strata management

Our community living extras

We understand that enhancing community living requires more than strata management. That’s why we have developed our range of community living extras. We are powered by 70 years of knowledge, experience and resources. When you partner with us, you become part of our PICA Group family and have access to our comprehensive range of offerings.

Community Living extras include a range of products, services, and programs that we make available to our customers to help enhance community living in their property.

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Making community living more convenient

We strive to give committee members and property owners an easier life. There is so much more to life than worrying about the administrative management of strata—that’s our job! We are simplifying liveability and your strata experience through our online convenience solutions.

No waiting for office hours or returned phone calls to get information. You can access it all 24/7.

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Simplifying strata compliance

We understand that keeping up to date with your state’s compliance requirements can be complicated and time-consuming. We help take the complexity out of compliance by providing simple, jargon-free information.

Through a range of safety programs, strata-specific legal support, legislation information and updates, we help provide a sense of certainty through guidance on how to keep your property compliant.

Helping you pay less and get more thumbnail

Helping you pay less — and get more

We know that you will always want the best value for your money and need to plan in advance for unexpected maintenance expenses. We provide a range of community living extras to help reduce your expenses and get more for your money.

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Information you can trust

It can sometimes be hard to know whether the strata information you find online is accurate and trustworthy. Our resources aim to give you simple, jargon-free information, allowing you and your committee to make choices with confidence to create harmonious community living.

Exclusive extras and customer offers

Using our partnerships and relationships across related industries, PICA Group privilege offers competitive discounts, exclusive deals and resources to our PICA Group family.

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