Service promise

PICA Group Service promise

The vision of PICA Group is to maintain its position as Australia’s leading property services company and become the employer of choice.

To achieve this, we are strategically focused on delivering on our service promise by providing value added services and products to our property owners, and creating a professional, nurturing and fun work environment for its staff.

Our PICA Group service charter

We strive for excellence at all times. This is why we have created a service charter. Your experience with us should be productive and valuable. Our charter reflects this and helps to ensure we always maintain our high level of customer service standards.

Our charter stipulates that we stand by our responsibility to:

Provide high standards of guidance, support, and delivery. We are dedicated to providing ethical, quality service that delivers the best level of support you seek, with the intention to exceed expectations whenever possible.
Commit to clear, courteous communications. We address requests with promptness, and respond in a polite, friendly, and respectful way.
Respond promptly to all enquiries. We commit to replying to all voicemails and emails within one to two working days, and other written correspondence within five working days.


Coordinate meeting minutes in a timely manner. We will distribute the minutes of meetings within seven days.
Protect your confidential information. Any documents that are privileged or confidential are separately filed with their release subject to the approval of the committee, body corporate, owners association or strata plan.



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