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What you need to know about being on the committee:

Gaining an understanding of industry terminology

If you’re feeling a little confused by all the strata terminology, you need not worry — we are here to help you make sense of it all. Our strata dictionary is a free and easy tool to help you understand some of the common yet sometimes complex strata industry terms you will come across. It is tailor-made for your state, so you can rest assured you are absorbing the terminology most relevant to you.

A quick reference sheet is available in your owner education pack.

Helpful information articles and info sheets

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What can be done when someone is breaking by-laws?

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Navigating pets and community living

How to deal with parking disputes in a strata-managed property

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Airbnb and strata — what you should know about short-term letting

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How to keep up to date with your state’s strata legislation

Understanding and keeping up to date with strata legislation can overwhelming. Lucky for you, our team of experts and professionals have all the knowledge and resources required to help you make sense of it all.

We make it easy to keep up to date with any legislation changes that are happening in the industry through our legislation update directory site. This easy-to-use tool, which is tailored for your state, will help you find easy-to-understand information on recent legislation changes whenever you require it.

We also provide information on your state’s industry and legislation updates in our quarterly Community Living Update newsletter. If you do not currently receive the newsletter, you may have dropped off our database and may be missing out on important update notices. It’s easy to resubscribe. Simply fill in our resubscribe form here.

Understanding how to use CommunityHub

CommunityHub is an online portal designed to give you access to your strata property information at any time, from anywhere. No more waiting for office hours—you can access it all 24/7. With CommunityHub there is no more waiting for office hours or returned phone calls to get information. You can access it all right now.

Keep up to date with your property’s finances, pay your levies online, reach through minutes from your last AGM, access common property insurance information, view your by-laws, find the best contact details for your strata manager and more, all through one easy-to-use channel. Community Hub is available to all owners living in a strata property managed by a PICA Group subsidiary and is now available as an app too.

A user guide video is available in your owner’s education pack.

6 things to do during your first few weeks

In order for a smooth transition, there are several things you will need to be across. To help you out, we have made a checklist of the essential details, documents, programs, and information you will need access to.

If you need help with access to the below essentials, we recommend referring to your owner education pack or getting in touch with your strata manager.

Contact details

Ensure you have access to the required contact details, including emergency numbers.

Access to CommunityHub

Ensure you have the correct access to your CommunityHub account.

CommunityHub contact directory

Ensure you know where to locate your property’s directory of contact details within your CommunityHub account.

By-laws and amenity rules

Ensure you have a copy of and are familiar with your property’s by-laws or building rules. This includes understanding where to find your location maps and amenity rules.

Your levies amount and due dates

Whether you are a new owner in the property or an existing owner, this is a good time to check your levies amounts and due dates.

Your property’s access passes

Check that you have access passes or keys to all of your property’s entry points and amenities, and ensure that they all work.

Download your owner’s information pack

This pack contains a comprehensive collection of easy-to-read guides, videos, and materials that provide everything you need to know about taking an active role in managing your property and enhancing community living.

Within this pack, you will find a gold mine of information, including the following:

Community Living and pets guide

Community Living and children guide

Community Living financials guide

New customer to-do-list

Terminology quick reference sheets