Changing or adding in a new by-law

As the end-of-year festivities start to take momentum and short-term letting is at its heights, it may prompt your committee to …

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Tips for managing schoolies, overcrowding and wild party houses this summer

Many Australian property owners are well versed in dealing with and planning for property damage when it comes to bush fires, …

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Wayne Walker - PICA Group CEO

Australia’s leading strata company appoints new CEO

Prudential Investment Company of Australia Pty Limited Group (PICA Group) is delighted to announce the appointment of Wayne Walker as the …

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The difference between a strata manager, a property manager and a building manager

It can be overwhelming when you buy your first apartment and the bills start pouring in from left, right and centre. …

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Water defects causing mouldy apartments across Australia

Picture: Close-up of a shocked woman looking at mould on the wall.
A Deakin University report has found water damage is one …

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Strata insurance expert shares tips for property owners

As property owners bear the brunt of audits and rectification costs caused by building defects and combustible cladding, they’re also facing …

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How to solve smoking disputes in strata managed properties

There’s a stigma associated with smoking in Australia and while it’s become banned in many places, some people would argue that …

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What is cladding and why is it important?

Today, cladding is often associated with modern disasters like the Grenfell Tower fire in London but it’s a construction technique that’s …

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Five ideas to increase the value of your apartment building

While owning a home is still the Aussie dream, the picture no longer includes having a house perched on a big …

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A strata lawyer sheds light on the cladding crisis

Picture: Lawyer Paul Jurdeczka talks about the cladding crisis in Australia.
A Deakin University and Griffith University study found that cladding was …

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