Facilities management

Facilities management

Industry-leading specialised facilities management for enhancing community living

PICA Group’s specialised facilities management service, Building Facilities Management Solutions (BFMS), is designed to boost your strata property’s value by improving efficiency, reducing operating costs and risk and enhancing your property’s community living potential.

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Extensive facilities management expertise

Best practice management techniques

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Full-time and part-time building management services

Wide network of contractor relationships.

PICA Group and BFMS difference

PICA Group is Australia’s number one provider of strata services and our facilities management through BFMS is second to none, thanks to our:

Tick icon Extensive property expertise

With access to the expertise of one of Australia’s largest strata and property services companies, PICA Group, our team has extensive knowledge of committee and owner responsibilities and the complexities of strata legislation and compliance.

Tick icon Proactive management techniques

We observe proactive practices such as preventative maintenance by identifying issues before they have the chance to become serious and expensive.

Tick icon Full-time and part-time building management services

Our facilities management services can be tailored for both your immediate and long-term building care plans and can provide 24/7 emergency maintenance support for common property maintenance issues.

Tick icon Wide network of contractor relationships

Our contractors are held accountable to a high standard. Through CommunitySelect, we engage and manage them with your property’s best interests at heart and oversee tender processes to provide competitive options for everything from cleaners to plumbers.

How our facilities management services work

Proactive facilities management aims to identify maintenance and safety issues before they have a chance to escalate. As a team of professionals, they pride themselves on their ability to save strata owners money through preventative measures, their expertise and care.

Through regular monitoring and auditing of common areas such as gardens, swimming pools and tennis courts and plant and equipment such as lifts, lighting, fire and flood control systems, BFMS can organise and drive the up-keep of your property.

Your PICA Group facilities management team, BFMS, will also take care of a wide range of other duties including:

Managing strata works
Managing contractors and overseeing works

By-law breaches
Identifying breaches of by-laws and escalating appropriately

Building care
Implementing building care plans to reduce risk and prevent liability

Resident movements
Managing residents when moving in or out

Booking management
Managing property assets that require bookings such as tennis and squash courts and entertainment and barbeque areas

Regulation alerts
Monitoring and informing you of regulatory changes

Common property management
Professionally managing your common property

Communicating with all relevant parties and stakeholders

Asset register
Managing the asset register

Information distribution
Providing a central location for information distribution, taking the onus off you and your committee.

What’s included

When you choose PICA Group to handle your facilities management, you also gain access to a great range of additional services and incentives including:

Community Health and Safety

Protect your property from liability claims with alerts, resources and access to expertise 24/7. This service helps you report and manage injuries, incidents and hazards on your common property and fulfil your duty of care to your residents.


Provides access to a database of more than 2,500 fully vetted service providers and maintenance contractors. Hire without risk from a huge bank of fully vetted, licensed and insured tradespeople to work on your common property, from pest controllers to qualified engineers.


Get competitively priced strata insurance cover that’s tailored to your property. Be safe with affordable cover for your common property that meets the requirements of your committee. Available exclusively to properties managed by PICA Group and backed by QBE and CHU, Australia’s largest strata insurer.


Find and lock in the market’s most competitive utility rates for your strata property with help from our team of experts. This is a free PICA Group initiative that includes a range of expense reduction programs designed to help reduce the cost of community living across Australia.

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Offers and discounts on a range of services including by-law drafting and insurance cover. We use our partnerships and relationships across related industries to secure competitive discounts and exclusive deals for our customers.

About PICA Group

PICA Group has been enhancing community living for more than 70 years. As the nation’s leading property services provider, our wide range of services includes strata management, facilities management, debt recovery and legal and developer services.

Our products and services provide strata property owners with the tools and support they need to effectively manage their property, extend its life-cycle and boost its value.

Why choose us?

While our service, professionalism, hands-on expertise, and extensive network are contributing factors to our referrals, another important factor is our knowledge of strata management.

Community harmony increases liveability and at PICA Group, we promote this harmony by supporting people and providing practical community living solutions through our technology, services and resources.

We provide a variety of facilities management services – no matter your property type.

At BFMS, we have been providing industry-leading onsite full or part-time building management services for 20 years, including proactive and preventative maintenance, upgrades, building life-cycle analysis, works forecasting and contractor management.

Get a free tailored facilities management quote

No two strata properties are alike, and each has its individual needs. At PICA Group, we provide tailored quotes that take into account your particular circumstances and the degree of management you require.

Additional services our facilities management team can also provide:

  • A building condition report
  • Contractor management
  • Project coordination
  • Property administration and reporting
  • NABERS for Apartment Building assessment

To speak with our team about a free facilities management assessment for your property, simply fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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