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Industry-leading specialised facilities management for enhancing community living

Full-time and part-time services

Buildings and the spaces they create are important, impacting everything from how people interact and their well-being, to the environment, economy and the market. We prepare both immediate and long-term building care plans to ensure your property is well maintained and to map out how to enhance your building’s lifespan through building and facilities management.

Our specialised building and facilities management services enhance residential and commercial spaces by providing a professional service that focuses on proactive maintenance, driving greater efficiency, reducing operating costs and risks, and boosting value.

Through regular monitoring and auditing of common areas and building functions, like lifts, lighting, fire and flood control systems, gardens and pools, and compliance requirements, our team organises and drives the up-keep of your property.

We manage your property so you don’t have to

Our team deliver a proactive approach to preserving and enhancing the value of your property

  • Identifying maintenance issues early through regular site inspections of facilities, grounds, plant and equipment
  • Being available 24/7 for emergency maintenance support to common property maintenance issues
  • Managing contractors and overseeing works
  • Professionally managing common property
  • Communicating with relevant parties and stakeholders
  • Helping to identify by-laws breaches and escalate appropriately.

Finding the right building and facilities management company for your building

All properties are unique in some way and have different needs, so we have a range of services to give you what suits you best

Our comprehensive building and facilities management is made of made of a comprehensive range of services. Whether it’s a residential, commercial or mixed-use property, we have the right team for every type.

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Your on-site building management professionals

BFMS (Building Facilities Management Solutions) has offered industry-leading building management services for more than 20 years. Our team of professionals deliver a proactive approach to preserving and enhancing the value of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. Services include proactive and preventative maintenance, upgrades, works forecasting, and contractor management.

The BFMS manager reports to the strata committee on the building’s ongoing care plan, urgent issues and scheduled maintenance.

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Specialised management for community associations

Estate Managers are providers of on-site building management, we’re an extension of seamless community living. Our team is dedicated to the care and functionality of your property to protect your home or investment. Our proactive and hands-on approach to management can support a multi-building complex, estate, or scheme, regardless of whether we look after one or all buildings.

From lift services, mechanical ventilation, automated building systems, irrigation, electrical and security, gardening and grounds-keeping, to the specific needs of complex buildings, our team maintains the ongoing health and functionality of elaborate large-scale spaces. Available to support you 24/7 support you 24/7, we monitor, audit, and manage common property assets for your peace of mind.

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Your strata repairs and building maintenance specialists

Assured Building Maintenance is your one-stop-shop for resourcing and resolving your strata repairs and maintenance issues. When it comes to common property, knowing the difference between the committee and owner responsibilities, as well as the complexities of compliance and legislation, can save you time and money.

We leverage and access the support network of more than 1,000 tried, tested and vetted contractors.

Facilities management information guide download

Download a facilities management information guide

Your information guide includes

  • How building management can benefit your building
  • Finding the right building management team for your building
  • How building managment and strata management work together to beneift your building

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