Developer and property services

Developer and property services

Backed by 70 years of property experience, with more than 200,000 lots under management

Are you a property developer and planning to build a strata title development? PICA Group’s specialist strata consulting team can provide the technical expertise and advice you need to successfully set up, manage and maintain a strata community.

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Building and maintaining a strata title development is no small undertaking and requires a great deal of knowledge, specialist input and careful planning to ensure nothing is left to chance.

PICA Group’s property development services provide unrivalled access to expertise, resources and guidance for property developers through our;

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We are Australia’s leading property service provider with 70 years of property experience. Since caring for Australia’s first strata-titled property back in 1948, we have grown to become leaders in community living, with more than 200,000 lots under management.

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With 17 subsidiary businesses in the PICA Group family, we can provide a comprehensive range of strata property development and management services from strata and facilities management to legal, insurance and debt recovery services.

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From sustainable building design to proactive facilities management, everything we do is best practice and with your future profitability in mind.

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We believe that improving a strata community’s livability will improve its value and we work towards this by providing practical community living solutions in our services, tools and resources

How our developer and property services work

Our development team has expert knowledge of best practice administration, compliance, operational structures and financial processes. We will ensure that all buildings in your strata development are compliant with state legislation and designed to enhance Australia’s community living landscape.

PICA Group can also help prepare draft budgets, advise on project configuration to optimise financial returns, liaise with insurance brokers and legal experts on your behalf and provide strata management services once your property is established.

Whatever the size or scope of your development, we will provide a high standard of guidance, support and delivery from inception to final settlement and handover.
Other areas where we can assist include:

Property titling – we review everything related to your property title including ownership details and potential encumbrances, easements, caveats or covenants

Levy and fee estimates – we help you calculate what your levies and strata fees need to be to cover the building and common area maintenance, caretakers, cleaners, shared water and electricity and building insurance

Property legislation – our legal team specialises in property and strata law to provide expert guidance through the complexities of Australian property legislation

By-laws and rules – we can draft precise and effective strata by-laws or building rules for your property that are legislatively accurate, minimise your risk and support the lifestyle of your property

Facilities management – our specialised facilities management service can boost the value of your new strata title development by instituting best practice management procedures such as preventative maintenance

Community living – we can help you enhance community living in your strata development by providing advice and suggestions on current and emerging trends and best practices regarding sustainability, energy savings and community involvement.

Why PICA Group developer services?

PICA Group has been improving liveability in Australian strata properties for over 70 years. As the country’s leading property service provider, our comprehensive suite of services includes strata and facilities management, debt recovery, by-law drafting, legal and developer services.

Our locally-focused branch network throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria allow us to provide both national reach and a strong local presence. And our unique group of industry specialist businesses gives our customers access to specialised knowledge in every area of the property services market.

With unlimited access to each of these specialist areas, our property development team can provide you with the technical expertise and advice around successfully setting up, managing and maintaining a strata community.

The team’s practical approach to administrative, financial and operational solutions will ensure your development is professionally structured to appeal to buyers and once completed, enhances community living.

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Whether you’re still in the early planning stages of your strata title property or looking for some expert assistance along the way, PICA Group’s developer and property services team are here to help.

To talk to our team or to find out more, get in touch using the contact form on this page and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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