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Strata property matters

Living in a strata property comes with its own set of perks and challenges, and we understand you may have questions from time to time. To help you make the most of your property, we bring you a variety of topics to answer your queries and spark your interest.

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Committee management

You can make an impact and have an influence on enhancing community living. To help you understand how your strata committee can influence and best manage “the world of strata”, we bring you a range of topics across the length and breadth of strata committee management, so you know who to go to in times of crisis or how to get expert help.

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Building rules & by-laws

In addition to your state laws and regulations, you should be aware of your property by-laws and planning regulations so that you are always on the front foot. These rules keep all property owners informed, and help to resolve disputes and disagreements.

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Legislation & compliance

We bring you updates about legislation and compliance matters so you can know what’s happening in your state, what laws and regulations have changed, how they can impact strata living, what you need to do and by when. To remain informed and compliant, you can subscribe to our newsletter too!

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Lifestyle & trends

Strata living is a way of life, with many things happening very quickly and influencing our lifestyle. We’re here to enhance community living with a wide range of lifestyle enhancing content so you can catch up on all the trends, media bytes and industry buzz around all things strata.

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PICA Group news

With our national presence and local reach, our goal is to enhance community living and offer the very best of our services and solutions to you – our valuable customers. So we are here on this journey, for you. Check out our story and milestones here, and get in touch to switch to our strata offerings.

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