Strata defects series

From cracked tiles to major structural faults, we help simplify the complex world of defective and faulty building work

Over the last two decades, Australia has undergone a defects crisis with figures showing more than 85% of newly constructed buildings having at least one defect. Countless committee members, owners and residents across the country have endured the negative impacts of faulty building work. With varying levels of severity, defects can become a significant financial burden, reduce building value, impact health and wellbeing, and even require government repossession.

Defects have been documented to cause:

Decrease in property value icon

A decrease in property value

Significant financial damage

Physical injury icon

Physical injury

Psychological injury icon

Psychological injury

Death icon


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Property removal

To help communities manage, specifically within a strata and community living context, where collective action is needed, PICA Group has devised the defects series.

PICA Group’s defects series is a collection of downloadable and online resources that make navigating defects easier. Our guides provide insight into topics such as what are the most common building defects, types of defects, why they occur, and what a committee can expect from a defects rectification process. What’s more, our guides provide helpful tips like when to call on additional experts and how to make sure you meet statutory warranties.

As Australia’s leading property service provider, we understand how important the buildings we choose to live and invest in are. As a group that has been enhancing community living since 1948, we aim to use our extensive industry knowledge to allow communities to tackle building defects. After all, we’re in this together.

Your guide to Australia’s strata defects crisis

Guides to get you started, an important read for anyone impacted or interested in common building defects

Our guides provide a detailed look at the different aspects of managing building defects and what you can do on your strata property.

Understanding common building defects

This guide aims to provide committee members and owners with an understanding of how defects are legally classified, what the most common defects are, why defects happen in the first place, and when committees are legally required to fix them.

The process of fixing defects in new buildings

This guide aims to provide committee members and owners with a step-by-step process and helpful tips of what to expect from a defect rectification process. Understanding the process of fixing faulty building work is critical to achieving the best possible outcomes for your property and wallet.

An introduction to protecting your property against water damage

This guide will take you through what is classified as a water defect, what it means for your property and what action your strata committee can take to safely and effectively avoid or fix the problem.

A deeper look into building materials and the laws governing them

This guide introduces various building products and materials and their associated risks, focusing on cladding use in New South Wales, Queensland Victoria.

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