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Newly constructed buildings across Australia are plagued with defects. It’s estimated between 70-80 per cent of newly constructed buildings in Australia suffer from at least one defect. Construction standards in Australia have taken multi-owned residential properties from exciting investments to purchases that often require long, complicated, and strenuous ‘fix-it’ processes.

Defective building work is a major issue because it impacts the physical structure and value of a building, and has drastic impacts on those who live and invest in them. Understanding the rectification process is critical to achieving the best possible outcome for a property.

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Good management of building defects is important

Good management of building defects by committees and owners is important. Acting promptly and understanding statutory warranties will make for more successful rectification processes. See the varying warranty time frames, and getting your building inspected for defects.

Building inspection report feature image

Building inspection reports

Building inspection reports and accurate diagnostics sit at the centre of successful defect rectification processes. Defects have traditionally been diagnosed via a general defects or building inspection report. Find out what details a comprehensive report should include.

Negotiating with the original owner to get defects fixed feature image

Negotiating with the original owner to get defects fixed

Once a committee has served the diagnosed defects on the original owner i.e. the builder or developer, you’ll enter a negotiation phase. The negotiations with the original owner to get the defects fixed will be centred around trying to agree on what they recognise as a defect and what they are willing to fix.

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