Dynamic Property Services’ Megan Parkins wins Strata Community Manager Rising Star Award


Within our family network of businesses, we always try and deliver the best results and service for our owners and committees. When our staff win prestigious awards, we take it as a sign that we’re giving our customers excellent strata management.



To add to our track record of award-winning teams, Megan Parkins has been recognised as the industries most distinguished up-and-coming talent by winning Strata Community Manager Rising Start Award at the 2019-2020 SCA Australasia Awards.

For Megan, the last two years has seen her strata management diversify under Dynamic Property Services. Megan’s portfolio has grown exponentially. Likewise, Megan’s excellent customer management and relationship development has led to new opportunities and properties to look after.

“Currently, I look after large and prestigious residential, commercial, and mixed-use sites. Altogether, my portfolio consists of almost 2,000 lots across 28 plans; combined, my portfolio has an asset value of over $2 billion. There is always a lot to do, but I enjoy engaging with owners and committees and advising them on how they can make where they live and invest better,” said Megan.

According to Megan and her team, her ability to deliver detailed annual operating and capital works budgets, as well as her knowledge of strata’s legal processes (such as dispute resolution and amendments to shared facilities), are just some of the qualities that landed her such prestigious industry recognition.

“I love what I do and I love sinking my teeth into strata. I was grateful to be appointed as a Dynamic Property Services and PICA Group subject matter expert for a range of business initiatives. Now, I also get to support customers by shaping business services like online voting platforms and our best practice guidelines. In more recent times, I have advised on our cash-flow management toolkits which will assist our schemes suffering financial hardship as a result of COVID-19,” said Megan.

According to Megan, getting to support people during tough times like COVID-19 is one of the many reasons why strata management is so great. “Initially, no one would have thought that strata had such a big role to play in supporting people through something like COVID. My advice would be, if you’re struggling financially, or suspect that you might in the future, talk to your strata manager. Your manager is there to support and guide the owners corporation,” said Megan.