About PICA Group

As a leading property services company we maintain strata and community-title properties to enhance community living for the local residents of Australia

PICA Group (Prudential Investment Company of Australia) plays a significant role in the local property landscape by delivering a full range of strata management services, including facilities and receivables management. It has over 700 staff and 30 branch offices across 11,000 strata properties which include residential, commercial, resorts, and mixed-use properties. As an industry leader and the largest strata management company in Australia, we aim to continuously redefine our customers’ experience of managing their property.  We’re big enough to use our strength and size of business to offer security and protection for your most important asset, exclusive benefits and value-add services, and small enough to offer direct and personalised services through our local branch network and staff who live and work in the local area. And, by empowering our people to be their best and living by our company values, we aim to become one of Australia’s most professional and valued property services companies.

Our global partners

PICA Group is owned via joint venture between FEXCO, an Irish based financial services company, and Nippon Kanzai Co. Ltd, Japan’s leading property management and engineering services company. Together with our strong global partners we are able to gain greater momentum in the growth of our business, while maintaining financial stability and developing significant advances in technology.

FEXCO, a shareholder of PICA Group is an Irish-based financial services company focusing on bureau de change and payment card services. FEXCO is Ireland‘s most successful multinational finance and business solutions provider, with operations in 28 countries worldwide. Founded and headquartered in Ireland in 1981, FEXCO employs more than 2,000 people across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America, Latin America and Australasia. FEXCO serves some of the world’s biggest brands across multiple industries through a wide range of innovative products and services, including Dynamic Currency Conversion, Commercial and Retail FX, Managed Business Solutions and Tax Free Retail Services, processing more than US$10 billion in transactions annually. For more information, visit www.fexco.com

Nippon Kanzai Co. Ltd, a shareholder of PICA Group is a leading facilities management and engineering services company in Japan. It is a full range property services company, with key services across building management, public facility management, residential building management, real estate investment management and building consulting. Establishing itself in the Australian market, Nippon Kanzai brings with it advanced Japanese expertise in facilities management & engineering services as part of PICA Group offering. In Japan, Nippon Kanzai also offers a range of services from building equipment administration, cleaning, security service, fire prevention, environmental sanitary management, tenant services, along with property management and construction management. They were the first company to offer this kind of integrated building management in Japan. For more information, visit www.nkanzai.co.jp

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