Not happy with your strata manager? Maybe it’s time to change?

If your strata manager isn’t delivering on your expectations, it may be easier than you think to change strata managers. The best strata managers make running a building seem easy! Switch strata managers with these simple steps:

Make the switch with these simple steps:

1. Shop around

Choose an experienced owners corporation manager with a strong reputation. PICA Group has more than 50 years’ experience in owners corporation management.

2. Request a meeting

At your annual general meeting (AGM) or an extraordinary general meeting (EGM), call a motion to switch owners corporation managers. Once you get the majority vote, sign the new contract.

3. Give notice

We will help you formally notify your current owners corporation manager of the switch. Give us your meeting minutes and we’ll do the rest.

It’s that simple.

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What our customers think

Our local team has the knowledge and expertise to help maintain and protect your property. That’s why we are rated as one of the top strata management companies in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

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