Strata management

Strata management

We are led by award-winning strata managers and support staff

PICA Group offers strata management services that are second to none in industry knowledge. Our strata professionals provide expert guidance to owners and committees across residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. Through broad skill sets, years of experience, and strength of network PICA Group ensures properties are run to the highest standard.

Strata management from a PICA Group business means your number one asset is managed with personal care, daily attention, and a long-term goal to protect and maintain the value of your property.

Our best practice techniques

We increase value, sustainability and enhance community living

While strata managing agreements vary to suit property and owner needs, we look after your property through six key areas.

Strata administration icon

Strata administration

Financial management

Financial management

Maintenance coordination

Maintenance coordination

Advisory services

Advisory services

By-laws and rules

By-laws and rules

Building compliance audits

Why good strata management service matters

How your strata property is managed can impact value

How important good strata management is and what strata managers really do is often misunderstood.

Multi-owned properties are governed by legislation and require specific undertakings by owners and committees to meet requirements. Strata managers assist owners and committees to meet the legal common property requirements through day-to-day administration. Strata managers are fully licensed and trained professionals.

For example, owners and committees have a legal duty of care to maintain and repair common property, make regular financial contributions, convene and vote, uphold insurance, and provide adequate documentation. If these measures aren’t upheld, they can be found liable should something go wrong or in breach regulatory requirements.

A strata manager takes the time to make sure your maintenance issues are fixed, finances are on track, insurance is valid, that owners are meeting and that the property is being managed per regulation.

Poorly managed properties can trigger compliance issues and decrease the value of a property. Buyers typically investigate the health and state of a property, including levels of liveability and harmony between owners.

Our PICA Group strata management family

You can pick the management style you and your property need

At PICA Group, no two strata management agreements are the same. We allow our customers to develop the scope and requirements of the role our strata managers will take in helping their property. With a network of strata management companies to choose from across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, our customers can select the branch and business which is the right fit for them.


We specialise in all property types

Whether your property is a three-lot walk-up or an entire community, we can look after you

Strata management services guide pdf download

Download a strata management information guide

Your information guide includes

  • How we increase value, sustainability and enhance community living
  • Understanding our PICA Group difference
  • The benefits of our six key service areas

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