Why your strata property needs a committee

Owning a strata or body corporate property comes with many responsibilities. Your committee is responsible for the day- to- day strata matters and getting the job done on your behalf.

Why strata property needs a committee

A strata or body corporate property is like any other multi-dimensional organisation that needs time, attention, dedication and expertise to ensure it works efficiently. Since there are multiple stakeholders, here’s why you need an executive committee for your strata property:

  • Legal requirement

According to the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, all strata properties should have an executive committee elected by the owners corporation in an Annual General meeting (AGM).

The committee is responsible for running of the strata property in an ethical and professional manner, in line with the law. It has the legal right and authority to make decisions on behalf of the property owners and is accountable to the owners corporation and the government.

PICA group note: Being a committee member is a big responsibility. So, choosing the right people to the committee can make all the difference. If you’re not satisfied with your committee’s work during the term, you can always elect new members at the next AGM.

  • Skill

Strata governance and people management is not everyone’s cup of tea. Networking and engaging with industry professionals such as builders, developers, building inspectors, insurance providers, government agencies, lawmakers, council members, etc. – that should be left to people with strong people management skills.

Also, some people can manage everyday tasks with more ease than others. These tasks could be anything from managing meetings, keeping records to sending levy payment notices and managing budgets.

Then, there are the tasks of evaluating, engaging and following up with service providers and tradesmen such as your repairmen and plumbers which requires a certain degree of skill.

So, there’s more to just getting the job done – it’s also about dealing with a variety of personalities and maintaining relations with other professionals who enable strata living.

strata committee

The strata industry employs over 9,000 people and contributes to the local and national economy. In 2017, the total value of strata related call out jobs such as gardening, plumbing, electrical work, etc. was over 5.7 billion. As this sector continues to grow, having a streamlined process and dedicated bodies to oversee strata management can make all the difference to community living.

  • Responsibility

Committee members make the decisions related to strata property administration and management on your behalf. They hold more frequent meetings, draft the by-laws and rules, and engage with all owners to ensure decorum is maintained.

Being in a position of responsibility and authority also gives the committee a bird’s eye view and wider perspective to mediate disagreements and resolve disputes between the property owners.

PICA Group note: Your committee can carry out tasks or make changes to common property only with owners corporation or body corporate approval. Changes to the common property can be approved only through a special resolution in an AGM. When there’s a disagreement between committee and owners corporation, the owners corporation has the final word.

  • Dedication

The day-to-day running of common property requires a great deal of focus and expertise.

Certain tasks are run-of-the-mill everyday jobs such as the cleaning of common areas like hallways and staircases, washing of external windows, pool clean-up, and so on.

Other tasks such as the maintenance of elevators, repairs to electrical and plumbing equipment, tiling, roofing, etc. are less frequent, but just as important in terms of regularity and timeliness. When you have dedicated owners overseeing these tasks, the job gets done quicker and better.

  • Time

When you’re busy taking care of your own property, it may be hard for you to focus on matters outside of your own walls at the same time. So, when there are people you can rely on to take care of a strata property for you, on your behalf, you can make better use of your time.

strata group meetings

PICA Group note: You will still need to be actively involved in the running of strata property matters. This means you should attend general meetings, stay informed, express your opinions, and collaborate with your committee to make the most of strata living.

With strata living becoming more popular and legislative changes affecting the strata industry, even the best committees need additional help and counsel. We’re here to make your committee’s work easy and enhance community living for you.

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