Sustainability with PICA Group

PICA Group is committed to ensuring a more sustainable future for our customers. Through education, leadership and offering practical advice we aim to make positive short and long term impacts to enhance the lives of our customers and the communities they live in.

What residents can do

There are many ways that residents can manage their energy, water and household waste to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Energy management tips

When purchasing appliances or white goods check the energy rating. The more stars on the rating panel the more energy efficient. You can use the governments energy rating calculator to compare products.

Turn off appliances and chargers from the power point when they are not in use.

Use your appliance in an efficient manner.

Fridges, on average, are the largest user of electricity in any home. To use your fridge more efficiently:

Reduce the exterior temperature of your fridge by positioning it away from sunlight and hot appliances. Your fridge will not have to work as hard to keep cool.

Set the internal temperature to 3-5°C. Setting the temperature too low can affect energy consumption.

Test your fridge door seal to ensure it is airtight. To check close the door over a piece of paper, so that the piece of paper is half in and half out of the fridge. If the door is shut and it can be pulled out easily it may be time to replace the seal.

If you need to purchase a second fridge consider purchasing a bigger, more efficient main fridge instead.

Waste management tips

Follow the waste hierarchy


Avoid creating waste by placing a “No Junk Mail” sticker on your letter box.

One in five shopping bags end up in the bin. Reduce the amount of waste you create by only buying food that you need. Consider purchasing goods that can be reused such as rechargeable batteries over disposable ones.

Reuse items by donating unwanted goods to charity, purchasing second hand items or selling no longer wanted goods.

Familiarize yourself with your local councils recycling centers. Many products such as old electronics, wood and scrap pieces of metal can be recycled.

Water management tips

Leaking taps can waste up to 2,000 litres per month. Replace washers as soon as taps begin to leak.

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.

Take shorter showers, ideally 4 minutes or less. Use a shower timer as a reminder.

Keep a bottle of water in the fridge for drinking instead of running a tap and waiting for the water to be cool.

Thaw food in the fridge or microwave instead of under running it under water.

Instead of rinsing dishes prior to washing, scrape food remains off dishes and dispose of scraps in the compost or garbage bin.

PICA Group Supporting Sustainability

PICA Group is taking steps to create a more sustainable future for our community. We are proud to actively be involved in several national and local initiatives aimed at improving the sustainability of apartment buildings.

PICA Group take platinum pledge towards sustainability

PICA Group Sydney CBD offices have made a commitment towards the Zero Waste Sydney Pledge. As part of the initiative, PICA Group will reduce the use of single use plastic by phasing out 10 single-use items to achieve a platinum rating. So far the company is one of 50 other businesses who are participating in the initiative.

To demonstrate our commitment we pledge to implement the following actions:

  • Remove bottled water.
  • Remove plastic straws and provide only when requested.
  • Remove plastic serveware, including takeaway containers and expanded polystyrene.
  • Remove single-use cups and glasses.
  • Make free tap water refills available to all.
  • Prioritise reusable cups for hot and cold drinks.
  • Introduce a stationery recycling scheme.
  • Remove single-use plastic bags.
  • Remove cling film from use in food storage.
  • Remove single use samples and giveaways.

North Sydney Council: Futureproofing Apartments program 

This program was launched to assist in reducing the cost of living and greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution. It targets small to medium sized strata properties and appoints an assessor to review and identify reduction opportunities in energy, water and heating usage, as well as solar viability.

The savings potential with energy upgrades is a worthwhile investment as it is likely to also help reduce the strata fees for many property owners. The findings can further help quantify the amount of wastage and make recommendations for improvements to owners corporations.

Aligned with our company’s aim of enhancing community living, we are happy to announce that 18 PICA Group managed buildings out of 32 entries have been selected by North Sydney Council to participate in the 2019 program.

Our successful strata properties and branches are:

SP 55429, Mason and Brophy Strata Management
SP 1204, Mason and Brophy Strata Management
SP 56806, Mason and Brophy Strata Management
SP 75318, Mason and Brophy Strata Management
SP 6097, Mason and Brophy Strata Management
SP  23021, Mason and Brophy Strata Management
SP 31786, Mason and Brophy Strata Management
SP 12037, NSW Strata Management
SP 12047, NSW Strata Management
SP 58675, NSW Strata Management
SP 136,  NSW Strata Management
SP 5497, Dynamic Property Services
SP 60590, Dynamic Property Services
SP 36044, Dynamic Property Services
SP 61409, Dynamic Property Services
SP 81068, Body Corporate Services (BCS) Mona Vale
SP 12300,  Body Corporate Services (BCS) Sydney
SP 102, Body Corporate Services (BCS) Chatswood

City of Sydney: Smart Green Apartment Program

Smart Green Apartments is an award-winning program organised by City of Sydney which is helping more than 50 buildings become more energy and water efficient, saving thousands of dollars on running and maintenance costs.

With selection being based on an evaluation of energy and water consumption, size and complexity and the capacity of owners corporations to implement upgrades, PICA Group is excited to be amongst the first in Australia to have a NABERS for Apartment Building rating, and to share in the journey of creating a more sustainable future.

Our successful strata properties and branches are:

SP 61667 Harbour Garden Towers, Body Corporate Services (BCS) Sydney
SP 64807 Acacia, Body Corporate Services (BCS) Sydney
SP 64038 Oasis Apartments, Dynamic Property Services
Sydney Park Village, Dynamic Property Services

Waverley Council: Building Futures Program

Building Futures is a new program by Waverley Council that aims to reduce shared energy usage in community apartment buildings.

This initiative is saving tens of thousands of dollars for owner corporations by reducing water use, energy use, waste and greenhouse gas emissions for the common property. The big goal is to reduce energy by 20% in ten strata buildings by 2020. Each building receives free assessments, recommended upgrades, water fixtures and implementation support to provide the building the best opportunity for sustainable community living.

Our successful strata properties and branches are:

The Eclipse Bondi Junction, Building Facilities Management Solutions 
Eastgate Gardens Bondi Junction, Building Facilities Management Solutions 

NABERS for Apartment Buildings

NABERS for apartment buildings

PICA Group is a proud partner with NABERS for Apartment Buildings, offering rating assessments for strata properties.

Based on the energy and water efficiency of a strata building’s common property, NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) for Apartment Buildings grants a rating using a six-star scale. This is calculated using a benchmark that fairly compares the energy and water performance of an apartment building to others in the Australian market.  By having a NABERS rating, it has assisted many buildings save thousands of dollars by becoming more energy and water efficient and save on running and maintenance costs. So don’t miss out – increase your property value with a NABERS for Apartment Buildings rating, enquire about getting a building assessment.

Appointment of sustainability ambassador, Tim Jarvis AM

Appointment of Sustainability Ambassador, Tim Jarvis AMWe are pleased to be working closely with leading environmental scientist and award-winning conservationist Tim Jarvis AM as our corporate sustainability ambassador.

Most famously known for recreating Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic survival journey, Tim will be assisting PICA Group in engaging industry and governmental agencies for policy changes to promote greener and more energy efficient residential buildings.

For more information click here. To read Mr Jarvis’ article on sustainability in the property sector click here.