About Sydney Company Title Management

About Sydney Company Title Management

Your specialist company title services provider since 1948


Why is company title management necessary?

The internal operations of company titled properties are governed by the company’s constitution which is written in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001. The constitution outlines the powers given to the board of directors. Directors, generally, have broad sweeping powers except when instructed by shareholders under their voting rights.

At Sydney Company Title Management, we provide directors and shareholders with comprehensive guidance to make sure they are fulfilling their duties and meeting legislative requirements. From making sure meetings are being held, ASIC is being updated with any company changes, to making sure the constitution is being interpreted by directors and shareholders correctly, we assist in running an efficient company titled property. Through effective management and advice, we help to maintain a good community culture and make a complex form of land title straightforward.

We help enhance property value and community living by providing management and advice across:

  • Director and shareholder duties
  • Board of director and annual general meetings
  • ASIC and company registration
  • Constitutions, articles of association, by-laws, house rules and house regulations
  • Levy setting, collecting, and distributing
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Maintaining company records, audit preparation and business activity statements
  • Repairs and maintenance, preventative works, and contractor management
  • Building sustainability and building life-cycle management
  • Insurance, work health and safety, and compliance
  • Prospective shareholder and lessee’s management
  • Transferring to strata title.


Or, are you looking to change from company title to strata title management?

Many company title properties look to change to strata title because of strata’s more convenient and straightforward processes. As some of Australia’s leading company title management and strata specialists, we can move you and your company from shareholders and directors to become an owners corporation and committee within strata title.

Changing titles typically takes one year as a process and requires thorough and careful management to make sure it’s done correctly, and that the right applications are made. Our managers can assist to project manage the transition to reduce administrative burdens and risk.

  • Communicate with directors and shareholders about the change and how to “resolve to convert”
  • Work with committee to best utilise Community Health & Safety  for record-keeping, up-to-date alerts and resources
  • Flag potential stamp duty issues and recommend expert lawyers and contractors that are needed
  • Confirm the strata plan is lodged with NSW Land Registry Services and arrange for shareholders to vote to approve the strata plan
  • Confirm the building meets council approval complies with the Building Code of Australia or falls under an exemption, is fire compliant, doesn’t disturb low-income housing, and can meet separate water meter requirements
  • Make sure the land is transferred via NSW Land Registry Services to individual owners
  • Advise on the final process and requirements of winding up the company, and seamlessly manage the handover

Here are some local neighbours we help manage:

72 Murdoch Street, CREMORNE_Circle

72 Murdoch Street,

524 New South Head Rd Double Bay
524 New South Head Road,
Double Bay

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