Food delivery by-laws

Managing food delivery services for your strata property

In a health and safety conscious environment, introducing a new by-law or building rule could save lives

With more people staying at home and adhering to social distancing rules, it’s no surprise to see an increased demand for food deliveries from services like UberEats™, Menulog and DoorDash®.

An influx of these food delivery services can raise concerns surrounding building security, and health and safety if not managed well.

Food deliveries offering 24/7 straight-to-door services often mean there are visitors entering in and out through the day

With many people choosing apartment living, many food delivery drivers are often left waiting in common property entrance ways or left to find their own way – going up and down the lift and walking the corridors to find the right door to knock on to deliver the much-awaited meal or midnight food crave. At times, this frequent movement in and out the building can cause a disturbance or nuisance to a fellow neighbour.

What is covered by a food delivery

For peace of mind and harmonious strata living, the owners corporation can adopt a by-law to determine how food deliveries are managed on a strata property which covers the following:

  • When food delivery providers are allowed on common property
  • Where food deliveries can be collected
  • What special instructions are to be communicated, for example removing helmets when entering the building


The by-law can also provide that an owner or resident of a lot complies and communicates to the best of their ability these requirements to the food delivery providers.

How we can help

Kemps Petersons Legal (KPL) is part of the PICA Group family and are specialists in strata management.

We provide legal services to committee members and property owners by providing tailored and watertight by-laws to minimise risk and aid the smooth running of a harmonious community. We will also take care of the consolidation and registration process to ensure a comprehensive experience.

It is important that a strata specialist is used to draft your by-laws, taking into consideration your current registered by-laws, as well as your individual needs and specifications. This ensures that your owners corporation is protected by their professional indemnity for the services undertaken.

PICA Group privilege customer offer

Kemps Petersons Legal will provide a food delivery by-law for a discounted fixed fee of $650 plus GST and disbursements.


Drafting the by-law and general meeting motion
Plus GST and disbursements

Know what is included

Not all by-law products are the same

Inclusions Kemps Petersons Legal by-laws Standard market by-laws Basic templated by-laws
Drafted by-law Cyan tick Cyan tick Cyan tick
Tailored to your specific property Cyan tick Cyan tick Cyan cross
Establish if any additional by-laws are required to support this by-law Cyan tick Cyan tick Cyan cross
Alignment of new by-laws with existing by-laws to reduce contradictory by-laws Cyan tick Cyan tick Cyan cross
Draft motion in line with relevant legislative requirements Cyan tick Cyan tick Cyan cross
Professional advice
Outline rights and obligations of affected parties Cyan tick Cyan cross Cyan cross
Step by step guide to implementing the new by-law Cyan tick Cyan cross Cyan cross

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