By-law drafting and strata services

By-law drafting and strata services

Best in market rates for by-law drafting, consolidation and registration

With extensive experience in managing strata and community living, Kemps Petersons Legal provides a range of services to help owners corporations and body corporates across Australia. From by-law drafting, registering, and consolidating to general strata advice and dispute services, we make community living easier.

We are strata specialists

We write precise and effective by-laws, as well as consolidate and register them, so properties are legislatively accurate


Strata and property services


Keeping by-laws up to date

Well written by-laws are a cornerstone to successful community living. Most people, however, don’t see how important by-law drafting is until an issue has already unfolded.

We focus on making community living easier by helping people get the basics of strata right. Whether it’s drafting specialised by-laws or making sure they are up to date, our legal specialists offer a customer-focused and affordable way of enhancing community living by minimising risk.

By-law drafting and registering

All community and strata living in Australia must have by-laws or rules that are registered by the relevant state body. In most states, registration for by-laws has a specified time frame that must be met and requires accurate wording and formatting.

Generally, registration of a by-law or rule must happen within a set window of owners passing the by-law and must be consolidated.

Consolidating by-laws

Consolidating by-laws can be tricky and time consuming. The process set by government means by-laws and rule must be submitted with accurate formatting, numbering, vetting of repealed by-laws, the inclusion of previously amended by-laws, and appearing in a logical sequence.

Professional by-law drafting and registering by Kemps Petersons Legal guarantees legislative requirements and time frames are met and reduces administrative burdens.

Whether straightforward or technical, we can draft your by-laws

We have experience drafting by-laws for highly complex residential, commercial, resort and mixed-use properties. Whether it’s straightforward or technical, we can help you.

  • Renovations and works
  • Moving in and out
  • Safety
  • Exclusive use of property
  • Short-term letting
  • Approval/denial of pets
  • Occupancy limitations
  • General restrictions
  • Parking
  • Building and property specific by-laws
  • Pools and facilities
  • Issues specific to your property

All properties require by-laws and rules, no matter how big or small

We have experience managing some of Australia’s most elaborate and complex multi-building schemes and properties. Regardless whether your building is residential, commercial, or mixed-use, our by-laws team are here to help irrespective of scheme type or title combination.

  • Strata title
  • Community title
  • Company title
  • Neighbourhood schemes and associations
  • Torrens title
  • Precinct schemes
  • Retirement villages
  • All Australian land schemes and titles

General strata services

As a comprehensive legal service for strata, community living, owners corporations, and bodies corporate, we provide debt recovery, general advice, and dispute services across Australia.

Our extensive and specialist industry experience means we can provide clients with solutions that suit their needs and time frames in a cost-efficient way.

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