Helping committees, owners, and residents reduce the cost of their utility bills

CommunityUtilities is designed to help reduce the cost of community living across Australia. Through a range of expense reduction programs, our specialised in-house team work with a panel of Australia’s top brokers to help committees, owners, and residents reduce the cost of their utility bills.

Utilities is a complex area with hundreds of retailers in Australia. Searching for a cheaper rate can easily become overwhelming. With the assistance of expert brokers, our CommunityUtilities team are dedicated to helping you gain access to the most competitive rates in market.

Total savings $2,500,000

Why CommunityUtilities

Through a previous energy promotion, we saved more than $2.5 million in electricity and gas charges over a 2-year period for strata properties considered to be medium to low energy users. This was an average saving of $3,628 per scheme.

The savings you achieve are dependent on your usage and your current rates. The highest saving we achieved for a single strata scheme was $41,000 per year!

If we are unable to find savings on your utilities, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are on an extremely competitive rate.

No costs, no obligations.

Our team take care of the behind the scenes work for you

We understand that searching for a cheaper rate can be time consuming, and easily become overwhelming. Our CommunityUtilities team take the hassle out of finding the best in market rate. We taking care of the behind the scenes work and dealing with our panel of brokers on your behalf.

Exclusive CommunityUtilities benefits

  • No brokerage nor service fees
  • Hassel free comparisons
  • Annual check
  • No obligations to proceed
  • Specialist team to assist with any queries

Our current expense reduction programs

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  • For common property

    Energy usage and agreement review program

    Let our team find you the best rate for your common property energy

    Our CommunityUtilities team will review your current energy usage and agreement. Working with our expert panel of brokers we will ensure you get access to most competitive energy rates in the market based on your property’s usage. Customers with commercial and industrial (C&I) grade electricity accounts are familiar with using energy brokers to assist with electricity contracts. CommunityUtilities provides the expertise of energy brokers regardless of how much your electricity or gas your common property consumes. Even if the electricity consumption is $250 per year, CommunityUtilities can work to find you savings.

    Save up to 30% off your energy bills.

    For medium to low electricity and gas uses we are regularly finding savings of up to 30%. Lower utilities expenses can lead to low strata fees for owners.

    Save enough to cover your strata management fees.

    In some cases, the annual energy savings have been more than the annual strata management fee!

  • For owners and residents

    We do not currently have an active expense reduction program.
    Register your interest to be notified when our next program is released

No costs, no obligations

There is no cost for using our panel of brokers nor any costs for our CommunityUtilities team to assist with the behind the scenes work. The only exception is if you have an embedded network or a complicated utilities setup, then there may be additional costs. These will be clearly communicated to you before proceeding. Where a committee meeting is required before proceeding, there may be the usual additional services fee by your strata manager.

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