Community Health & Safety alerts

These alerts have been provided to give you a more detailed understanding of specific cases that may relate to your building, and to help you determine the priority that may need to be allocated to a specific risk. They will also give you a better understanding of any changes that may be introduced by each state authority, or changes to the overall legislation.

These safety alerts and updates are published by Safe Work Australia and departments of WHS in different states that highlights an incident or unsafe practice to industry. They outline the required action to be taken to prevent the incident from reoccurring or to prevent the unsafe practice.

Please note that it is important to report any incidents that may occur at your property, and to advise us of any hazards that you consider a potential risk to your strata scheme. These can be reported direct to your strata manager, strata committee member, or by calling our Community Health & Safety service on 1300 065 024.

Alert type 2020
(QLD) Consultation, cooperation and coordination 2020
(QLD) Fatality: Fall through roof 2020
(QLD) Electrical safety for homeowners and consumers 2020
(QLD) New electrical safety code of practice 2020
Alert type 2019
(NSW) Combustible Cladding Regulation 2019
(NSW) Fire safety and external wall cladding 2019
(QLD) Safe installation of smoke alarms (New smoke alarm legislation) 2019
(QLD) What to do in an electrical emergency 2019
(NSW) Legionnaires’ disease: New requirements for managing cooling water systems 2019
(QLD) Electrical Safety Laws – Priority infringement notice offences 2019
Asbestos in switchboards during flood clean up 2019
Managing extreme heat at your workplace 2019
Alert type 2018
Tree trimming and removal 2018
Controlling fire and explosion risks 2018
Sign inspection and maintenance 2018
Management and prevention of chemical explosion 2018
Property owner’s $9,000 clean-up bill leads to asbestos safety warning 2018
Falls through skylights and plastic roof sheeting 2018
(NSW) Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation 2018
Electrical hazards when working in ceiling spaces 2018
Alert type 2017
(QLD) Safety switches and domestic rental properties 2017
(QLD) WHS and other Legislation Amendment Act 2017
(NSW) Building fire safety regulation new and changed requirements 2017
Design consideration for prevention of slips, trips and falls injury 2017
LPG cylinders should not be stored or used inside commercial kitchens 2017
Minimising the risk of roof collapse 2017
Alert type 2016
Managing risks of exposure to diesel exhaust in the workplace 2016
Unit Fire and Safety Issues 2016
Residential park laws; fire risk notice for property; plus strata consultation closing soon 2016
Shane Webcke’s new safety film – Playing it safe 2016
Bankstown unit fire inquest 2016
Electrical Safety Switches – Safety switches protect you 2016
Ethanol fireplaces safety warning – from Attorney-General 2016
Factsheet – Minimum Expectations for Contractors on your Site from QIA Group 2016
Asbestos overhaul to make worksites safer 2016
‘Stay safer up there, switch off down here’ – QLD 2016
Asbestos overhaul to make worksites safer 2016
‘Stay safer up there, switch off down here’ – QLD 2016
Alert type 2014
WorkCover NSW – Update – Wall Demolition 2014
Alert type 2013
Safe Work Australia – Duties of Volunteer Officers 2013
Safe Work Australia – Emergency Plans 2013
Safe Work Australia – Factsheet 2013
Safe Work Australia – Hand Arm Vibration 2013
Safe Work Australia – Incident Notification Fact Sheet 2013
Safe Work Australia – Labelling Hazardous Chemicals 2013
Safe Work Australia – Minor Asbestos Contamination 2013
Safe Work Australia – PCBU Duties to Workers 2013
Safe Work Australia – Slips & Trips 2013
Safe Work Australia – Electrical Risks 2013
Solutions IE Hynes WHS Legislation Legal Opinion 2013
WorkCover NSW – Update – Electrcial Hazards for Plumbers 2013
WorkCover NSW – Update – Hand Held Saws 2013
WorkCover NSW – Update – Ladder Use 2013
WorkCover NSW – Update – Live Electricity 2013
WorkCover NSW – Update – Masonry Walls 2013
WorkCover NSW – Update – Mobile Plant and Overhead Power 2013
WorkCover NSW – Update – Mobile Plant 2013
WorkCover NSW – Update – Objects Falling from Scaffolding 2013
WorkCover NSW – Update – Roof Works 2013
WorkCover NSW – Update – Scaffolding 2013