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Your 24/7 maintenance support service

Identifying urgent maintenance issues is hard, Community After Hours provides round-the-clock support to make sure we can help whenever you need us.

Have an urgent after hours maintenance issue?

Speak to our Community After Hours support team on 1300 267 181

Community After Hours benefits

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Save on unnecessary callouts and costs

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Trusted and vetted contractors

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Better tracking of work orders

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Issues are followed-up and completed

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Access to more than 2,500 certified contractors

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More than 10 years of emergency maintenance experience

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Over 20,000 after-hours phone calls answered

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Team of specially trained staff

Round-the-clock maintenance support

Community After Hours provides round-the-clock common property assistance. Our trained staff answer calls to help resolve emergency maintenance issues so you can receive service support 24/7.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we confirm who is responsible for your issue — the owners corporation, body corporate, or the individual owner. We log and track any work order requests and send a vetted and fully licensed contractor to address your need.

If your problem is complex and requires additional work or approval, we make sure the follow-ups happen and contact your strata manager for you.

If it turns out your issue isn’t on common property, that’s okay too. Our team will help resolve maintenance issues for owners by connecting them to fully licensed and insured contractors at no extra cost.

We help save on unnecessary maintenance costs

Ascertaining whether an emergency maintenance issue is on common or owner property saves money because it allocates the cost to the right party:

  • We make sure the issue is allocated correctly to avoid unnecessary expenditure or conflict later on
  • We check pre-existing orders so there aren’t double ups on contractor callouts.

Trusted and vetted contractors

We help manage the risk associated with having contractors undertake work on your property by selecting from our trusted and tried Community Select database. All contractors or services registered with Community Select are fully certified, vetted, insured and meet legislative requirements when it comes to safe work and licensing.

Call at no extra cost

All Community After Hours emergency maintenance calls are free. Likewise, if we connect you to a Community Select contractor.

Here for you 24/7

Our branches and offices are open during work hours from 8:30 to 5pm.
If you need emergency maintenance outside of business hours, Community After Hours is available:
24/7 on weekends l 24/7 on public holidays l 5:00pm to 8:30am, Monday to Friday

Contact us

Talk to our team or find out more about our round-the-clock maintenance support service using our contact form on the right hand side of this page.

Please note, any work carried out on common property by contractors assigned by the Community After Hours staff is invoiced directly to the relevant strata property.

Contact us

For emergency maintenance issues call 1300 267 181

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