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These resources are designed to help you make sense of body corporate living in Queensland

More people are opting for the beautiful sunshine, lifestyle and the convenience of body corporate living in Queensland. It’s an easy choice when it comes to affordability, location, and a low-maintenance lifestyle.

In Queensland, the Body Corporate and Community Management Act and several regulation modules that are specific to the different types of community titles schemes help create harmony and enhance community living. In addition to this, each building has its own set of by-laws that set out the rules to protect the interests of property owners.

As Australia’s leading property service provider, PICA Group have developed a comprehensive range of resources to help you make sense of all you need to know when it comes to body corporate living in Queensland.

Our Queensland body corporate living toolkit articles

Ins and outs of understanding your body corporate agreement feature image

Six essentials when it comes to appointing a body corporate manager

Selecting the right body corporate manager can be time-consuming when comparing different service agreements. Find out what is included and how to avoid incurring extra costs.

How to change your body corporate manager feature image

What is included in a standard body corporate agreement?

Clear up misconceptions and confusion about the responsibilities of a body corporate manager by having a service management agreement. The agreement helps clarify responsibilities and assists in setting realistic expectations.

Community Management Statement feature image

Set the rules for community living using a Community Management Statement

A Community Management Statement (CMS) is a valuable reference for living in a body corporate property as it specifies the by-laws relating to the property, the regulation modules that apply, and outlines exclusive use areas of common property, and who pays for what.

Fireproof your property with body corporate fire safety article feature image

Fireproof your property with body corporate fire safety

All bodies corporate has fire safety obligations to ensure their building has the appropriate safety standards for building occupants, and their fire safety installations are effective in the event of a fire. Heavy penalties apply for non-compliance.

PICA_Website ELEMENT_FeatureImage_WorkcoverInsurance

WorkCover insurance

Many bodies corporate don’t consider WorkCover insurance essential because it is normally covered by the contractor. But what happens if an owner volunteers to do a repairs job? Or a contractor without adequate insurance is appointed by the body corporate?

Air conditioning body corporate property feature image

The dos and don’ts for air conditioning installation

The Queensland summer can be brutal, so to dial down the temperature you might be considering air conditioning. Before you go seeking out quotes, there are a few things to consider.

Keeping a pet in a body corporate property article feature image

Keeping a pet in a body corporate property

Bringing your furry friend home for the first time is a joyous experience, but regardless of what type of animal it is, you must first obtain body corporate permission prior to keeping a pet.

Body corporate maintenance, who is responsible for what article feature image

Body corporate maintenance, who is responsible for what?

It is understood that the body corporate is responsible for maintenance, while the lot owner has the responsibility of maintaining his or her lot. This seems simple however issues often arise.

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Queensland body corporate legislation made easy guide

Access our FREE Queensland body corporate legislation guide, covering topics on: