Navigating pets and strata

Navigating pets and strata


Bringing your fluffy friend home for the first time is a joyous experience. Navigating pets and strata shouldn’t be hard if you comply with your strata property’s by-laws/rules on the matter and take care not to inconvenience your neighbours and other owners.

Here are a few points to keep in mind before you decide to bring your pet into your strata property:

1. Always check the building rules

The rules contain a lot of important information relating to you and your apartment, including details around keeping pets. It’s very important to read up on your by-laws/rules to make sure your new fluffy house mate is allowed to move in.

PICA Group tip: The property’s by-laws/rules should be easily accessible online or displayed on site.

2. If in doubt, ask your strata expert

If there’s anything in the property rules that you’re confused about, don’t be afraid to approach your strata professional for an explanation or a second opinion. Your strata professional will be up-to-date with the rules and regulations relevant to your building.

3. Pet selection

There’s a very big difference between a goldfish and a golden retriever. Some pets can be quite relaxed animals that don’t require much exercise, however other animals (for example certain dog breeds) need daily exercise and a lot of room to move.

PICA Group tip: Make sure you research the animal you’re looking to get to make sure they’re the right fit for your apartment and your lifestyle.

4. Safety and security

You may think your puppy is incredibly well behaved, but if he catches a whiff of your neighbour’s grocery shopping in the foyer, he might suddenly get distracted and run right over, knocking
over who knows what.

PICA Group tip: Ensure that your front door is always shut and keep your pet restrained when taking it through common areas of the building.

5. Always clean up after your pet

No one likes picking up doggy droppings. However, if you decide to get a pet, this comes with the territory. If your puppy decides to do his business in a building’s common area, it’s your responsibility to pick it up and dispose of it.

PICA Group tip: Whenever you take your pet for a walk, be sure to carry disposable bags with you, and potty train your pet as soon as possible to minimise mess inside your property.