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Nobody likes long-winded, pointless meetings. However, a well-organised and efficiently run meeting can improve decision making and help solve strata problems quickly. In our free guide to meeting management, we bring you the different aspects of meeting management that can help you stay on top of strata property matters and make the most of strata living.

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A sneak peek of what’s inside

Strata Manager

Key essentials to meeting management

Annual general meetings (AGM) are held once a year to discuss and finalise broad matters. Find out more in-depth what an AGM entails, as well as what the owners corporation are responsible for.

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Having a say about your property

Find out who can get involved in meetings, and how you can express a concern or make recommendations. It’s important to know your rights and responsibilities, and stay involved every step of the way. Ensure your voice is heard.

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Having a vote – who can and can’t vote

It’s important to know who can and can not vote. Find out whose vote doesn’t count; whether someone else can vote on your behalf or not; as well as the different types of voting-based rulings. We also outline some recommendations to take care of before voting.

Download your free guide to meeting management