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When it comes to managing disputes in your strata property, issues can come in all shapes and sizes and over a range of issues. Luckily, most of the time, disagreements between neighbours and occupants who share common property are often easily resolved through open and calm conversations.

This guide aims to help you understand how best to manage disputes and the processes of resolving them within a community living environment.

By discussing these topics and explaining what they are, how they affect you, and addressing the common misconceptions around each topic, we aim to provide you with the tools to enhance livability, certainty, and harmony within Australia’s community living landscape.

A sneak peek of what’s inside

The different types of disputes that may arise in your strata

Disputes can take place in all shapes and sizes. Most disputes arise as a result of residents and owners not understanding their rights and responsibilities within the strata property. See the different types of disputes, and some factors that may lead to them arising.

How to deal with same-property neighbour disputes

When it comes to community living and sharing space, how you get along with neighbours can impact your quality of life. We’ve compiled six key areas that you should take into consideration to help you avoid disputes and promote a peaceful community living environment.

Obtaining the best results and resolutions for disputes

Trying to manage disputes quickly and effectively can decrease the chance of a dispute escalating and causing disharmony, mistrust and toxic relationships within community living. See the five tips to help you effectively manage and resolve disputes should they arise.

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