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Meetings are an essential part of living in a strata, body corporate or owners corporation, and a great way to keep up to date with the decisions that are made on your property.

In this guide, we’ll detail how to run a meeting and break down key essentials to meeting management as well as what you should prepare so you’re ready before, during and after meetings.

By explaining what they are, how they affect you, and addressing the common misconceptions around each topic, we aim to provide you with the tools to enhance the living experience within Australia’s community living landscape.

A sneak peek of what’s inside

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The key essentials to strata meeting management

Learn about the three types of strata meetings: annual general meetings (AGMs), general meetings, and committee meetings. We break down the key aspects of each meeting and provide information on how you can go about adding discussion points or motions, and how to call for a general meeting to be held.

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What happens at an AGM of a strata property?

The annual general meeting (AGM) is the main opportunity for owners to discuss issues relating to their property and elect the committee representatives for the year ahead. Learn more about what happens during an AGM, and gain insight into the rules and requirements so that you’ll be ready for your next AGM.

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Meeting preparation for a general meeting

Successful strata committees are organised and have meeting processes and procedures so that the members know how meetings will be run and what will be expected from them. Learn about the various tasks that you should cover before, during and after a meeting.

Download your free guide to run a strata meeting​