Home décor ideas to get your home ready for the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a fabulous time to buy new property, do renovations and decorate your home as you look to usher in happiness and prosperity. To help you restore the good vibes in your home this Chinese New Year and get ready for celebrations with family and friends, we have some great home décor tips for you:


  1. Declutter your home – its spring cleaning season!

Chinese New Year, also called the ‘Spring Festival’, comes in the springtime as per the Chinese lunar calendar.

So how about doing some spring cleaning and clearing old household items that you do not need or enjoy anymore? That way you can make space for new things to refurbish your home and get some great karma by donating your old items to charities! Also, if hoarding is your vice, this is a great time to change old habits and start afresh.


  1. Rearrange your furniture for a new look

Getting a new look and feel of your home can be as simple as moving furniture to a new spot.

To avoid clutter at home, make it a point to buy furniture that suits the layout and space within your home. Sometimes choices based on functionality and practicality can do your home wonders, especially if you live in a smaller apartment. Minimalism and simplicity can be refreshing if that’s not already your style.


  1. Replace your furnishings and fabrics with new styles

If you’ve always gone for muted colours and prints, perhaps try bold new prints for your cushions and bed-spreads. You could also choose various mix-and-match throw pillows and colourful wall art. Usually red is seen as the colour of wealth and prosperity, and it looks great décor wise too!


  1. Add some indoor plants to brighten your home

The botanical theme is currently on trend, and given its summer, why not add green foliage to beautify your home. Bonsais and succulents are a great choice – low on maintenance, high on value and quite easy on the eyes too.  This will also help keep cool your home, which is especially helpful during a heat wave.


  1. Get your renovations and repairs in order

The New year is a great time to get started with any renovations and repairs you may have planned for your home. You may want to get your pool ready for summer, so make sure to go through your state legislation around safety compliance. Remember, if you’re planning to make any large repairs or structural changes to the property, you may need to take the prior approvals from your committee and strata manager.


Read our article from last year for more tips about making the most of your Chinese New Year celebrations. If you live in a strata scheme, we have great pointers for you about enhancing community living. You can sign up for our newsletter to stay updated about your state legislation too.

As the year of the pig rolls in and you gear up to spend quality time with your family, we wish you all the very best and happy new year!