Queensland Fire Compliance Services

Our dedicated team of professionals brings extensive experience in building compliance and a deep understanding of legislative and regulatory requirements in Queensland. When it comes to the safety and compliance of your building, you can rely on our expertise and support to remain compliant and safe.

Your Fire Compliance Responsibilities

As a building owner or occupier, it is essential to be aware of your fire compliance obligations within your property. Understanding and adhering to the regulations fosters a safe environment for all occupants and helps avoid penalties for non-compliance.

In Queensland, a building owner or occupant must submit a yearly Occupier Statement to the Commissioner of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) to confirm that the fire safety installations in your building have been appropriately maintained, following relevant standards or


Why Fire Compliance Matters

Any building other than a standalone house or townhouse (class 1a) has a fire safety obligation, with high-occupancy buildings having additional commitments to fulfil. All fire safety compliance items, including a signed occupier’s statements, are mandatory if the building has fire safety obligations.

Under the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008, failing to meet the requirements:

  • Is a breach of legislated body corporate obligations
  • Leaves buildings at risk for penalties and on-the-spot fines from QFES audits
  • May invalidate building insurance in the event of a claim
  • May leave the body corporate liable for loss or death

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Your Fire Compliance Responsibilities

With our QLD Fire Compliance Program, you get a trusted partner working alongside you, providing guidance, support, and expertise to help your building remain compliant, secure, and protected.

To assist your building with complying to regulatory requirements, our dedicated team of building compliance specialists has partnered with a fire compliance provider to offer service packages that support you with managing the following fire safety obligations:



Fire safety measures assessment report

All fire safety installations required to be in common property areas are properly maintained.


Create a fire and evacuation plan

Evacuation routes are safe and free from hazards, ensuring the safety of occupants during emergencies.


Provide training for elected individuals responsible for fire safety

Individuals responsible for evacuation coordination procedures, as outlined in the Fire and Emergency Plan, and workers receive specific training.


Qualified fire responsible person

A fire safety advisor is appointed, mandatory for high occupancy buildings exceeding 25 meters in height and accommodating more than 30 workers.


Prepare an occupier statement

An occupier statement is submitted to the commissioner of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service every 12 months, affirming that all fire safety installations are correctly maintained.

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Get the support needed to fulfil your fire safety compliance with ease

Our crafted packages provide flexible support to help you manage fire compliance obligations, state regulations, and unique requirements for your building.

Our experienced team can help you navigate the complex landscape of building compliance and assist your building with remaining compliant, secure, and