Strata By Law Services

Providing legal expertise at an affordable price for strata managed properties

Every strata property needs well written, up-to-date by-laws or building rules. PICA Group offers an affordable way for strata owners and committees to minimise risk with our by-law drafting, updating, registering and consolidating service.

How our by-law drafting service works

By-laws are the rules that residents and visitors must follow regarding their behaviour and the use of common property in a strata community.

They are the cornerstone of successful community living, providing clear guidelines for tenants on what they can and can’t do and protection for owners and committees from disputes and litigation.

Many strata owners don’t realise just how important by-laws are until an issue has already unfolded. At PICA Group and Kemps Petersons Legal, we encourage everyone to regularly review their by-laws and to update or amend them as required.

To that end, our legal specialists offer a customer-focused and affordable by law service that includes;


Our experts will draft your by-laws, making sure that they are fair and reasonable and are not discriminatory or contrary to existing law or public policy.


If a by-law is no longer relevant due to changes in legislation (i.e. the changes to laws regarding short-term letting in NSW), we can update or amend your by-law to reflect this change or create a new by-law to take its place.


We will then register your by-laws with your relevant state or territory body, being sure to do so within the specified time frame and using accurate wording and formatting.


Your by-laws must then be consolidated; a process that can be complex and time-consuming if not handled by professionals. For example, your by-laws must be submitted with accurate formatting, numbering and vetting of repealed by-laws and include previously amended by-laws appearing in a logical sequence.

At PICA Group and Kemps Petersons Legal, our by-law drafting, updating, registering and consolidating service reduces administrative burdens for strata owners and committees and guarantees that all legislative requirements and time frames are met. Whether straightforward or technical, we have your by-laws covered.

Join the community of over 200,000 property owners who have partnered with us to help care for their properties.

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What’s included

When you choose PICA Group to manage your strata property, you have access to an extensive range of additional services:

PICA Group and Kemps Petersons Legal difference

PICA Group is the nation’s leading provider of strata services and our by-law drafting service through Kemps Petersons Legal is among our most popular, providing legal expertise at an affordable price for strata, body corporate and owners corporation managed properties.

Precision & accuracy

We draft precise and effective strata by-laws, so your property is legislatively accurate with clear rules that support your community and minimise your risk.

A complete service

From by-law drafting, updating, registering and consolidating to general strata advice and dispute services, we offer an all-round service we offer an all-round service to help enhance community living.

Tailored by-laws

We draft by-laws ranging from exclusive use of property and short-term letting rules to parking restrictions, occupancy limitations and approval/denial of pets.

Any strata scheme or title

Whether your property is residential, commercial or mixed-use, our by-laws team can help, irrespective of scheme type or title combination. That includes strata title, community title, company title, neighbourhood schemes and associations, Torrens title, precinct schemes, retirement villages and all Australian land schemes and titles. Registrations in New South Wales only.

Why PICA Group and Kemps Petersons Legal?

PICA Group is a unique group of industry specialist businesses with a strong locally-focused branch network across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

From strata, body corporate and owners corporation management to legal services, our network provides our customers with access to knowledge and specialists in each area of the property services market.

And in the debt recovery sector, that specialist is Kemps Petersons Receivables. With over 70 years in debt collection and more than 20 years specialising in strata and levy debt, they have the experience, resources and skills to recover your money as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Boasting above-market recovery rates, low costs and fast turnaround, this subsidiary company of PICA Group has what it takes to get your strata property back on track and in the black.

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