The perfect pets for your strata property

Australian state laws are usually pet-friendly, however, your neighbours may not be pet lovers and strict by-laws and rules may exist about the keeping pets in your strata property

Here are the 4 perfect kinds of pets if you’re looking at getting a pet for your strata property:

  1. Dogs
  2. Cats
  3. Parrots and small birds
  4. Goldfish
  5. Tips before you choose to bring a pet home


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Most strata and body corporate properties are generally fine with having dogs, but you should do your research before taking home your canine friend. Certain kinds of dogs are more people-friendly, less noisy and easier to manage such as a Brichon Frise, English Bulldog, or a Yorkshire Terrier.

You should also take care to clean up after your dogs and always keep an eye on them while in common areas such as gardens. Also, be ready to foot the bill if they damage common property!


Cats have a mind of their own and wander at will – and cat people know what we’re talking about. Take care that your pets do not wander away into your neighbour’s property or damage any common property – they are unlikely to be thrilled to have a cat in their kitchen!

On the upside, cats usually don’t make that much of a mess as dogs, so strata living may be less of a hassle.



Parrots and small birds

They may be super fun, but birds need special care and supervision. Having the right kind of enclosure and indoor or outdoor space for your pets is important to create the right environment. Quiet pet bird species to consider are Finches, Canaries, Parakeets and Parrotlets.



Fish in aquariums are not only a lovely sight to see, but they’re also known to have a calming effect.

If your by-laws or building rules have a blanket ban on such pets, find out why. If they’re unnecessarily restrictive, harsh or oppressive, you can file for a motion to have them changed with majority owner vote at an annual general meeting (AGM) or extraordinary general meeting.


Community living is all about being friendly and considerate. So, before you choose to bring home a pet, here are some tips for you:

  1. Get to know your by-laws and rules: They are your guide to a peaceful community living.
  2. Be considerate of your neighbours: Some may have allergies or phobias about certain animals. Keep in mind, they also have the right to enjoy their property.
  3. Take care of your pets: They’re your responsibility. Take care to set the right example as a pet owner so your strata living remains paw-some!


If you’d like to find out more on pets and strata, download your free Community Living guide. Or for a consultation to review your by-laws by our Kemps Petersons Legal team, click here.